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Price: $11.15

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Availability: In-Stock Item
Item #: 12255 -

Premium quality, exact fit plastic gasket set for both the driver and passenger side door handles. Also fits 66-71 Ford Fairlane and 70-71 Cyclone / Torino as well as several other Mercury, Ford Lincoln models. We are the exclusive retailers in the U.S. for this quality kit.

Price: $13.65

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Availability: In-Stock Item
Item #: 22617 -

Authentic looking hard reproduction plastic Sport Mirror pad gasket. Correct for driver side Cougar Sport Mirrors 1971-73 and passenger side Torino / Cougar Sport Mirrors 1970-73. This is the best fitting gasket we've found so far. You may have to punch out the hole for the remote mirror cable. Replaces Ford #: C90Z-17724-B and D1WB-17C701-AB. Do you have questions about installing a passenger side mirror or using Riv-Nuts? Have more questions about installing a passenger side mirror or using...

Price: $11.85

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Availability: In-Stock Item
Item #: 26625 -

These pads go between the rear quarter panel and quarter panel reflector on the 1968 Mercury Cougar only. Sold as a pair.  Replaces Ford part #: C8WY-13493.*Note - These were not installed on Ford Mustangs, but they could be installed since they use the same reflector after Feb 15, 1968.

Price: $3.87

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Availability: In-Stock Item
Item #: 31889 -

These are the caps placed on the inside of the rear marker reflectors to protect your trunk's contents from damage. These Reproductions are grey. They were originally black with varying shades of grey. Sold in pairs, two pairs per car. Click on images to enlarge. Here is the Rear Marker Reflector without a cap. Here is the new cap on the marker. After you install the Rear Marker, screw the cap onto the Marker from the inside of the trunk. Below is a good used cap on the Marker. ...

Price: $548.87

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Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 30664 -

Nice pliable original seal that measures 3 5/8" tall, no burns, rips or cuts. Will trade straight across for 68-70 428 Cougar ram air seal which is only 2 1/4" in height. Ram Airs seals are designed to stretch over air cleaner bases that are approximately 14 3/8" wide at their outer most upper lip.