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Price: $39.87

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Availability: Used / Wrecking Yard Item
Item #: 31044 -

We will loan you this adhesive / epoxy applicator for 60 days, with a 100% refundable purchase price. Only available to customers that purchase our 3M bonding adhesive. Tool must be returned in undamaged condition with no missing parts within the 60 day time period.Returns past 60 days are subject to a 25% restocking fee. ...

Price: $7.88

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Availability: Normal Stock Item
Item #: 12455 -

New pair of white and yellow paint sticks for the Mercury or Ford. These units were used by FORD at the assembly plants to mark fender aprons, radiator support, transmission, rear end housing, sheet metal, glass and variety of other parts. It's often little details like this that separate first and second place at the show.

Price: $16.88

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Availability: Normal Stock Item
Item #: 11892 -

This gear was used on Cougars starting in 1969 and then Mustang in 1971. Fits pretty much every (common)Ford power window motor except for the unique "pancake" style motors found with the 1/4 windows on the Cougar and Mustang. Replaces Ford part # D0AZ-62234A24. Do you have questions about Glue-In vs Bolt-In glass? How about how to properly install Glue-In glass in your 1969 Cougar or Mustang? Check out our video below for some great glassy information! ...

Price: $36.86

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Availability: Normal Stock Item
Item #: 22630 -

Nice reproduction of the D0OZ-17C583-A windshield wiper stop as found on any 1971-73 Mercury Cougar, 1971-73 Ford Mustang, 1970-71 Ford Torino, or 1970-71 Mercury Cyclone. Zinc plated and rubber dipped like OEM Ford.Replaces Ford part number D0OZ-17C583-A.