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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Catalog Questions
Shipping Questions
Over 95% of the time shipping quotes are pretty accurate, as our system directly communicates with the UPS and USPS websites and the rates displayed to you are based directly on what UPS and USPS say they will charge us. That being said, there are a couple of known reasons why shipping charges may calculate to high.

The most common reason is if you have an item on the order that is over 12 inches in length, as those items use the dimensions of the item to calculate the correct shipping rates, known as dimensional weights. Currently our system will only use the dimensions to calculate the shipping if we set it to treat those items as if they ship by themselves. So if you have items that could nest in a box with an item that needs to calculate shipping based upon dimensions, the shipping may calculate high because it calculates as if they are shipping in seperate boxes.

This is also true if you order multiple items that are over 12 inches in length, the shipping may calculate high because it calculates as if they are shipping in seperate boxes, when sometimes we can ship them in the same box.

In these situations, you can choose your prefered shipping method and make a note on the order to 'please verify the shipping charges', or choose 'In-Store Pickup' and make a note on the order to 'please verify the shipping charges'. We will hold your order until we can determine the least expensive shipping method.
We absolutely do, in fact we ship items to international destinations every day. Here is a map showing some of the countries we have shipped to: Countries Map.

If you are looking to ship large items or are going to be purchasing a lot of items, we recommend contacting a local American Car Club in your area, as they frequently have a shipments that are shipped via a shipping broker in a shipping container that you can combine your items into at a savings over what shipping it directly to you would cost.

We are also more than happy to ship to US military addresses. Please remember that only USPS can deliver to these addresses, so what you are ordering must fit within the guidelines for the USPS Military Mail Shipping Rules. These rules can be found at

Military personnel overseas may also want to check with the local American Car Club. Many of them regularly ship items out of the US and are more than willing to include your parts as well.
Shipping brokers are companies that send container ships overseas on a regular basis and will include your order with their shipment to your area for a fee. Many times shipping through a shipping broker will save you money compared to shipping via USPS Post or UPS for overseas shipment, especially for items like bumpers, dash pads and most sheet metal parts.

We do not work directly with any brokers. We have a list shipping brokers that have been used by other customers so that you have a starting place when looking for a shipping broker (Click here to see the list). All of the brokers listed are brokers that our customers have used. You would need to contact the shipping broker for details on how much they would charge to send your shipment, and how long it would take. Remember to factor in the cost of shipping your items from us to your shipping broker. If you ship to one of the brokers in California via UPS Ground, the shipment will usually arrive in 3-5 business days. If you choose to send it to one of the brokers in the Eastern US via UPS Ground, it usually take 5-10 business days to get to the broker.
UPS Mail Innovations (UPS-MI) is a joint program between United Parcel Service (UPS) and the US Postal Service (USPS). UPS picks the parcels up from us, presorts the parcels, and delivers them to the US Postal Service International Dispatch center. Because UPS delivers the packages to the US Postal Service already presorted in bulk, the cost of shipping those items is less expensive; UPS passes those savings onto us and we in turn pass those savings on to you. Once the parcels reach the US Postal Service Dispatch Center, packages under 4 lbs are handled via USPS e-Packet Priority Mail and any parcel over 4lbs is handled via standard Priority Mail. Once the package reaches the US Post International Distribution cernter the delivery time should be similar to Priority Mail parcel mailed directly via the post office.

The main difference between US Post and UPS Mail Innovations are:
  • we only send Mail Innovations to UPS once a week
  • once sent it can take 2-5 days to get from us to the US Post International Dispatch center
  • the tracking of Mail Innovations parcels is handled through instead of through the US Postal Service website

Just like any parcel mailed via US Postal Service, the parcels are delivered by your local post office and not by UPS. If you have not received your package in 30 days from the date of your purchase, most likely the parcel is sitting at the local post office waiting for you to pay the customs fees. In some countries you can go to the local post office, provide your name / address and they can find the package for you. In some countries you will need the Customs Number. If you contact your local post office and they require the Customs Number, please check the tracking link you are emailed for the Customs Number (sometimes called the Secondary Tracking Number), if you cannot find such a number on the link you were provided, please contact us so we can request the Customs Number required.
Product Questions
98% of the time, if the website shows that the item is out of stock, it is probably out of stock. Our inventory system updates our website at least once per hour, so unless the item was received into inventory within the last hour, it is probably out of stock.

The good news is that we have a Product Notification system that allows you to get an email notification when the item is back in stock.

Just look for this icon:

Click on that icon and you will see a "Notify Me When Available" button:
There are some of our restored parts, that we just do not have a sufficient supply of to be able to sell them if you do not have a core that we can restore. In fact, some parts we do not have any on hand. In those cases, we have to be able to receive, inspect and then restore your exact part.
Payment Questions
We absolutely do. We are integrated with CoinBase Commerce to accept multiple Cryptocurrencies. You can see the currently supported list of currencies here.
Other Questions
The most common reason for this is that you have forgotten your password for our site.

Your password must contain the following:
  • Password must be between 6-15 characters
  • A lowercase character
  • An uppercase character
  • A numeric character
If the above does not help you remember what your password is, you can reset it by going to the following link:
Reset My Password

Since the password reset emails are sent by an automated system, be sure to check the SPAM/Junkmail folder for the email.

Note: if you created your password before the above requirements were put into affect, our site will require that you update your password to a password that complies with these requirements.
On the product details page for every product, there is a link right below the products description specifically for these cases. We try to make our listings as accurate as possible, but we are only human and mistakes do happen. We greatly appreciate when customers want to help us improve our online catalog. Here is an example of what that link looks like:
Icons Legend:

- Clicking on this icon will show you the list of known vehicles that a part will fit.

- Clicking on this icon will show you the products part number and allow you to copy the part number.

- This icon is overlayed with the products rating, as rated by other customers. The max possible rating is 5. Clicking on this icon will show you more details about the rating other customers have given to a specific part.

- This icon indicates that the part is not a new part, but a used part that may need pulled from a Donor Car in our Wrecking Yard. If a part needs to be removed from a donor car, this can add as much as a week to the time it takes your order to actually ship. Most commonly ordered parts are already pulled from the donor cars and will not add to the time it takes to ship out your order.

- This icon indicates that the part is a new or Refurbished/Restored part that will normally ship out the same or the following business day.

- This icon indicates that the item is a dropshipped item. This means we will electronically transmit your order for the item to our supplier or the manufacture of the item, and they will be shipping that item directly to you.

- This icon indicates that the product is a digital download. For these products, you will get a download link in your order confirmation, and a email with the download link as well. If you have registered with our website, you can also access the download link from within the My Account section of our site.

- This icon indicates that the product is discontinued. For these products, there is a limited supply remaining, and we will not get any more once the current stock is sold out.

- This icon indicates that the product is out of stock and cannot be added to your shopping cart at this time. Clicking on this icon will allow you to click the Notify Me button that will send you an email alert when the product comes back in stock.

- This icon indicates that the part receives bonus CougarBucks rewards points. Clicking on this icon will show you how many extra points a part will earn!

We absolutely do. Usually we give an in store credit of 50% of our web price for parts delivered in hand or by carrier to our Brooks, Oregon location. If you're not interested in store credit, just shoot us an email (preferably with pics) and we will let you know if it's is something we can pay cash for.

We also indicate on many products when we are specifically looking for that part, here is an example of what the image looks like when we are looking to purchase a specific used part:

For more details about selling used parts to us, please visit our Parts Wanted page.
I know it is hard to believe but technology just does not always work like it is supposed to... sometimes the issue is on your end, and sometimes it is on our end.

Here are some things you can do to check if it is something on your end causing the issue:

  1. Try clearing your web browsers cache/cookies? (How do I clear my browsers cache?). Some browsers will allow you to just remove the cache for our site.
  2. Try using a Private/Incognito Window? (How do I use a Private/Incognito Window?)
  3. Check

You can also check the status of the services we use to make our site work by looking in the footer of our website and clicking on the links in the Site Status section. This will take you to the status pages of the services we utilize so you can see if they are reporting any issues.

If none of those work, you can report the issue to us so we can further investigate the issue: Report Site Bug