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We are aggressive buyers of 1967 - 73 Mercury Cougar parts:

  • Parts cars
  • Extra parts
  • Memorabilia
  • Literature
  • Toys
  • Almost anything Cougar related

When buying through the mail, pieces that can be shipped via UPS/Fed-Ex easily are the best. If for any reason we cannot come to terms on a sale or trade I will be responsible for return postage. The parts most needed are perfect front end pieces, options, dash pads, steering wheels and door panels. We will buy most anything if the price is right, generally we need to be able to double our money to make it worth while on used items.

This icon means that we're looking to buy this part!

WCCC is a buyer of used and NOS hard to find 67-73 Mercury Cougar parts. Usually we give an in store credit of 50% of our web price for parts delivered in hand or by carrier to our Brooks, Oregon location. If you're not interested in store credit, just shoot us an email and we will let you know if it's is something we can pay cash for. We do not send cash for parts in advance but we often can compensate you within hours of receiving the goods. 

Sometimes a 50% wholesale bid will not be enough to entice you to sell. It never hurts to ask if we can up our bid! If it is an in demand item that we have requests for we often can pay more. Just email us if you have questions or want to share pictures.

We cannot usually buy common parts like:

  • Used glass
  • Back seats
  • Tail lights
  • Brake drums

We have parted hundreds of these cars and have a warehouse full of common items.

Do you have a part you are thinking of reproducing or know of a supplier we need to be in contact with? We want to hear from you!

Click here for a partial list of parts we are current looking for.