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Item #: 26826

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Price: $120.85
    Cost: 9668
    Earns: 121
    Bonus: 111


    Used / Wrecking Yard Item - 2-5 Business Days (May delay order)

    This option requires you to PRE-PAY a $25 core charge. If we do not receive your core within 30 days of the original purchase, your core charge will be an in-store credit only. If your core is full of rust and debris (sounds like a tambourine) then it most likely is not a core we can give credit on.


    Used grade "A" headlight door actuator for your Mercury Cougar. Every once in a while (not often) we will get a car in that will have a really good original actuator. These actuators are sold individually on an exchange basis or outright (for an additional core charge). Two are required per car, one per headlight door. 

    Ford part # C7WY-13A167-B.

    *NOTE* These actuators are prone to failure in two common areas. The first being the small circular upper shaft seal. Often the reason this seal fails is that the "accordion" style dust boot that covers the shaft will fail. This causes contaminants to enter and work as an abrasive between the shaft and seal. When the shaft seal goes bad, you will find your headlights not raising very fast or not at all. Also, the internal diaphragm seal is sometimes prone to failure. If you use a vacuum tester on your bottom vacuum port and find it does not hold 5 inches of vacuum for prolonged periods of time, then this unit is most likely your problem.

    If you continue to run your Cougar with this problem, you are running with a constant vacuum leak. This may cause confusion as to why your 1967-68 Cougar does not idle well, lacks performance, and or fails to achieve 19-21 mpg with a stock 289 or 302. The actuators may be a good place to start looking. Dyno tests consistently show a 5-7 HP increase after headlight vacuum leaks are repaired.

    Do you want to replace those worn out actuators yourself or are you looking for some great information on your Cat’s headlight vacuum system? The video below is your ticket!

    Weight: 2.00 LBS (weight shown may be the dimensional weight)
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    Just as advertised

    5.00 out of 5
    These came through looking unusually clean and black. They hadn't been refinished, but were just that nice. Rock-hard plungers and everything in good shape. These will be great in your Cougar as long as your vacuum system and lines will support them!

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