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Item #: 14-0019 -

New spray silicone lubricant for the squeaky Mercury or Ford. This spray lubricant is great for door hinges, trunk hinges, hood hinges and basically anything else that needs to be lubricated. Easy to use and will definitely de-squeak your vehicle.

Price: $5.49

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Item #: 14-0032 -

New heavy duty rubberized undercoating for the Mercury or Ford. Heck, it can be used on ANY car. This body shop proven formula is used to protect against road salt, moisture and corrosion. To be used on the inner aprons and fenders, frame rails, fuel tanks, rocker panels, under hoods and firewall. Basically, anything you want to protect under your pride and joy will be encapsulated and protected with this heavy duty rubberized undercoating.

Price: $3.47

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Item #: 14-0017 -

Many of our customers have asked and requested how we clean and detail our parts. We use a combination of items, mostly fine steel wool and elbow grease. Cleans haze, crud, and years of oxidation and water spots from glass, aluminum, chrome, and rubber. 16 individual pads in a package.