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Item #: 13698 -

Clip or X-washer for attaching the emergency brake lever inside the rear brake drum. Fits 8 and 9 inch rear axles. Literally used on most all Ford products from 1965-73 and likely beyond. Also called a retainer for the parking brake lever pin. The long ears get squeezed with a good set of pliers for attaching. Replaces Ford number 91A-2106. 

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Availability: Used / Wrecking Yard Item
Item #: 30381 -

Used wheel cylinder link pin. This pin protrudes from both ends of the wheel cylinder and are responsible for moving the brake shoe in and out when pressure is applied as well as keeping the brake shoe in place. Fits all drum brake wheel cylinders, front or rear drum brake systems. Two needed per wheel cylinder. Sold individuallyFord part number B7A-2042-A.

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Item #: 12222 -

These bulbs work with Cougar factory spec turn signal flashers, but they may not work with all aftermarket flashers, especially if they claim to 'exceed' the factory specs. Because of this, you may want to order our turn signal flasher that was specifically designed to work with the Plasma LED bulbs: Part #:12827 As seen on Gearz with Stacey David - After searching far and wide, to and fro, here and there...we finally found the best LED replacement bulb for your Cougar, Mustang...

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Item #: 31096 -

Push on retainer for rear drum brakes. 2 or 3 of these were used to hold the rear brake drums onto the rear axle assembly during construction of your 1967-73 Mercury Cougar or 1965 - 73 Ford Mustang. While not necessary, these are a neat concours item. Sold individually.  Ford part number 372188-S