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Item #: 41844 -

Reproduction driver side (left hand) and passenger side (right hand) front turn signal / parking light assemblies for the Ford Mustang. The plug is not correct for the Mercury Cougar's wiring harness and will need to be changed to work properly. However, this is an easy straightforward process which we lay out below. Plus you can save a good amount of that hard earned cash by converting these units yourself. This kit comes with amber lenses and clear bulbs which are not correct for the...

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Item #: 30697 -

Reproduction amber parking light / turn signal lens. This was actually used on the 64 - 66 Mustang which used the amber lens and clear bulb, as compared to the 67 - 68 Cougar which used the clear lens and amber bulb. Sold without gaskets or hardware (see related items).Sold individually

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Item #: 12222 -

As seen on Gearz with Stacey David - After searching far and wide, to and fro, here and there...we finally found the best LED replacement bulb for your Cougar, Mustang and any other cars that use an 1157 taillight bulb. These new "Plasma" LED bulbs are significantly brighter and more efficient than your standard bulbs. This is a 20-pack of bulbs to replace taillights in multiple vehicles. We also sell them in 2-packs for individual vehicles, as well as 6 packs for those with a Cougar, Shelby,...