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Price: $9.77

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Availability: In-Stock Item
Item #: 16000 -

Reproduction diaphragm pump that mounts on the front all 67 - 73 Cougar or Mustang Autolite 2V carbs as well as 1967 Autolite 4V Carbs. With today's gas, these commonly fail, especially when sitting for extended periods of time. Complete failure will cause fuel leaks, but many times these will affect performance well before a leak actually starts. Good idea to replace every few years or if sitting for 6 months or more. Replaces Ford Part #: C4AZ-9B559-A.

Price: $60.35

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Availability: In-Stock Item
Item #: 14-0006 -

New strip caulk for the Mercury Cougar or Ford Mustang. These units come in one foot strips and are used for sealing the front fenders to top of aprons and for sealing the fuel tank flange to the trunk floor. They are also used for sealing the floor drain plugs, gas filler necks, door panel water shields, plus many other components that are fastened to the body. This box contains 60 individual strips of black non-hardening caulk.

Price: $18.86

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Availability: Used / Wrecking Yard Item
Item #: 30192 -

Metal rod that hooks to the carburetor linkage and the accelerator pedal bellcrank, or shaft. Hooked end goes into the carburetor linkage, threaded end to the rear. Application 1967 Mercury Cougar and 1964 - 1967 Ford Mustang with 289 engines. Ford part number C5ZZ-9A-702-A. A rod end clevis clip is needed for attachment to the carburetor - see part B7A-9826-A. *Note - not for use with factory cruise control.