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Item #: 33063 -

NOS Ford service training manual on diagnosis of charging system problems. This booklet is a guide to diagnosis of the alternator, regulator, battery and wiring issues. It contains diagnostic procedures and self instructional tests and was meant to be used as a reference guide for the "charging system videotape (video tape not included).  16 pages long with tests and answers.Issued Dec. 1974, # 365-240

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Item #: 33019 -

NOS C6 Automatic Transmission training handbook from the Ford Marketing Corporation. Course 7521, Vol. 71 S4-L2. Everything from the torque converter, to the planetary gear and hydraulic systems to diagnosis and adjustments are detailed in this manual. Everything about descriptions, testing procedures and specifications were approved by Ford. Filled with color photos and diagrams. There is an unknown name written on the inside of the cover, however all pages are intact and in perfect...

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Item #: 33007 -

NOS Autolite 4300 training handbook. Filled with details pertaining to operation, adjustments, overhaul and servicing of the Autolite 4300 carburetor which was used starting in 1967.  Volume 67 S2 L2, 9503.1, 9503.2

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Item #: 33048 -

NOS 1983 Ford manual on how to read and understand vacuum diagrams. Although it's technically made for older cars, it has tons of useful information on how to decode diagrams. Includes sections on vacuum theory and applications, devices, hoses, schematics and system diagnosis. This handy book has information pertaining to how the engine creates vacuum, the carburetor and it's vacuum pressure regulation characteristics as well as air intake, fuel induction, emissions and ignition. As an...