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  • XR7-G C Pillar Emblem - OEM - New ~ 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7-G - 13886
  • XR7-G C Pillar Emblem - OEM - New ~ 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7-G - 13886
  • XR7-G C Pillar Emblem - OEM - New ~ 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7-G - 13886
  • XR7-G C Pillar Emblem - OEM - New ~ 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7-G - 13886
  • XR7-G C Pillar Emblem - OEM - New ~ 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7-G - 13886

Item #: 13886

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    Good quality OEM Emblem for the C pillars and RH headlight door of your XR7-G. These are made by the same company that made them originally in 1968! These mount on the lower part of the roof behind the quarter windows. This part of the roof is also known as the 'C' pillar.

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE .....Famous race driver Dan Gurney wrote the formula for a new type of personalized sports car -- the Cougar XR7-G -- which will be introduced at Lincoln-Mercury dealerships in early Spring. .....Gurney took the Cougar XR-7 and added to its European road car features some special touches of his own, including a fiberglass hood scoop, road lamps, a racing mirror, competition hood lock pins and an optional power-operated sun roof. The sun roof will also be available on other Cougar models. .....As a final endorsement, Gurney added the letter "G" to make the identification read "XR7-G". This designation and seal of approval appears on the instrument panel and on the roof pillar, dick lid and grille. It gives assurance that this is a car with personality -- one that makes the driver fully aware of its eagerness and ability to meet all road demands and to respond obediently and instantly to all commands. .....The new personalized Cougar was shown publicly for the first time when Gurney unveiled the car at the national meeting of the Sports Car Club of America. . . (more) .. . - 2 - . .....The interior of the XR7-G reflects the European flavor and reputation for precise handling, superior craftsmanship and sports car elegance. Like the Cougar XR-7, which is attracting almost one-third of all Cougar buyers, the XR7-G is enhanced by the generous use of glove-soft leather on the standard bucket seats. A burled walnut-finish instrument panel incorporates full European car instrumentation. .....In addition, the XR7-G has a unique sports console with wood-grain inserts and a real walnut shift handle. Door panels are trimmed with extra-thick "super puff" padding and feature handy map pockets and door assist straps, as is the custom in foreign sports cars. The steering wheel is wrapped in a simulated leather vinyl cover which remains snugly fitted under all weather conditions. .....The XR7-G will carry the same performance power train combinations and axle ratios as the basic Cougar, with a 302-cubic-inch two-barrel V-8 engine as standard. Optional engines are a four-barrel 302, a 390-2V and a Marauder 390-4V GT. .....Dan Gurney is one of the most celebrated American drivers in world competition. He won the 24-hour LeMans road race last year and was the first from this country to win a Grand Prix championship race in an American-built car. He captained Team Cougar which won four Trans-American sedan races in the Sports Car Club of America competition this year and set lap records at five of the road courses. Gurney is the only driver to win the Riverside 500 stock car race four years in succession. .....As founder of All American Racers, builder of the American Eagle, Gurney saw eight of his cars take the starting flag in the 1967 Indianapolis Memorial Day 500. A resident of Corona del Mar, Calif., he is a member of the Lincoln-Mercury Sports Panel, a major activity in the marketing of the Mercury line of cars. . * * * *68/7199 1/18/68* * * * Public Relations Department Lincoln-Mercury Division Ford Motor Company 3000 Schaefer Road Dearborn, Michigan - 48121 (313) 322-2250

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