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Trunk Lock Cover Plate - XR7G - w/ NOS XR7-G Decal - Repro ~ 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7-G

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Price: $303.85
    NOS XR7-G Deck Lock Cover for the 1968 Mercury Cougar
    The item pictured here is our reproduction XR7-G trunk deck lock cover with a NOS emblem. Big difference in fit compared to the current version of this emblem. Great for the XR7-G owner wanting to set his "G" apart from the rest of the pride...

    Click on images to enlarge.

    The emblem shown on the bottom is the NOS emblem sold through Ford back in the day and the top version is the one being made today by the OEM supplier.  Molds wear out, materials used differ, process changes over the years...  There are many possible explanations for the changes but the differences are easily distinguished to the discerning eye.

    The one on the bottom is NOS.

    The originals had the two sided tape backed with a green paper and the new version uses green plastic.

    Look how snug this NOS eblem fits in the chrome deck lock cover...

    Check out our video below showing how to easily remove and reinstall your 67-68 trunk latch, lock, and cover plate, and some info on getting a new key made.

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