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Price: $179.87

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Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 42401 -

Chrome center cap with Red background and chrome Ford logo. Better than original! Original look wheel emblem is made from original dies. This plastic cap is painted and detailed in the original colors. This was never used on any year of Cougar but they do look good!  When using center caps on Legendary wheels, you will need these adapter plates. *Note - Certain late model disc brake rotors and aftermarket rotors have a slight clearance issue with the dust cap and these center...

Price: $32.85

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Availability: In-Stock Item
Item #: 31694 -

Reproduction Shelby Cobra center cap for the Legendary Series wheels. This is a modern take on a classic center cap featuring the iconic cobra on a black background.  *NOTE - These caps are specifically designed to fit the LW10, LW30, LW50, LW66 and the LW67 series wheels. ...

Price: $205.88

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Availability: In-Stock Item
Item #: 31961 -

Reproduction aluminum alloy wheel designed to look like the styled steel wheels that were optional in 1967 - 1970. Mercury was looking to make a wheel similar to the Cragar and Appliance brand after-market wheels available at the time so these will resemble era correct wheels on any Ford or Mopar product utilizing the 5 on 4 1/2 lug pattern. These wheels come with free chromed plastic center caps. The caps have a red Legendary logo but we can include at no cost, a set of black and chrome...

Price: $138.87

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Availability: Used / Wrecking Yard Item
Item #: 23876 -

This version with a cast head was only found in the earliest 1967 Mercury Cougars. 13/16 inch socket. Much better quality than the later stamped steel version.

Price: $9.86

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Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 14-0017 -

Many of our customers have asked and requested how we clean and detail our parts. We use a combination of items, mostly fine steel wool and elbow grease. Cleans haze, crud, and years of oxidation and water spots from glass, aluminum, chrome, and rubber. 16 individual pads in a package.