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Price: $1.25

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Availability: In-Stock Item
Item #: 33377 -

New 1-1/4 inch expansion plug. Expansion plugs were used as dust covers on the wide bearing style air conditioning pulleys commonly used on Ford cars 1965-68. These are not a real tight fit in those pulleys. Best to still install to keep dust out, we recommend using a bit of JB Weld to hold them.

Price: $195.89

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Availability: Used / Wrecking Yard Item
Item #: 11-0139 -

Used Heater Box Assembly for 1967-1968 Mercury Cougar and 1965-68 Ford Mustang without air conditioning. The heater box assembly consists of the front and rear casings with doors. This is a used factory fiberglass two piece heater box/heater core casing. We suggest purchasing the foam kit and new heater core. These used boxes are over 45 years old, there will likely be some cosmetic issues, which include minor cracks or chipped fiberglass. Clips to hold two pieces together are included. *Note...

Price: $44.87

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Availability: Used / Wrecking Yard Item
Item #: 11-0384 -

Used OEM Ford heater blower motor resistor that attaches to the heater blower fiberglass housing. We inspect these for damage or broken wires and we guarantee these will make your fan work. Not only was this heat resistor was factory installed on 1967-68 Mercury Cougar and 1965-68 Ford Mustang.Ford part # C2OA-18591-A or C8ZZ-18591-A*Note - Excludes Heater with integral or factory air conditioning.