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Dual Exhaust System - 390 / 427 - OEM Style / Performance - Repro ~ 1967 - 1968 Mercury Cougar


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Price: $720.85
    Reproduction Factory Style 390 / 427-4V Dual Exhaust Kit for 1967 1968 Mercury Cougar

    This oversized 2-1/4 inch dual exhaust system is manufactured right here in the good old USA from original 1967-68 Cougars equipped with the 390 or 427 engine. This direct replacement system includes: 1 H pipe, 2 intermediate pipes, 2 mufflers, and a right and left tail pipe. The system is constructed from 2-1/4 inch aluminized piping and features blue printed bends with everything being replicated as close as possible to the original. The mufflers in the system have the hanging tabs attached so that they will accept original muffler hangers. H pipes are constructed for use with original stock cast iron exhaust manifolds with the passenger side spacer. H pipes can also be purchased separately.

    *NOTE* This dual exhaust system has a larger diameter than the original Ford system and will increase performance, but it may also increase the engine sound that you hear inside your car. This item ships in sections and is meant to be welded and or clamped together. The H pipes were clamped on the original systems. Kits do not include pipe clamps, hangers, or exhaust manifold donuts. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.
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    Victoria, BC. Canada 

    Long Job to install correctly.

    4.00 out of 5
    Product looks great when you open the box. You need a hoist to do this, fortunately I had access for a few days to one. Neither mid pipe along drive shaft would fit onto muffler. First trip to muffler shop to expand pipes just a little as filing off burrs not enough. Purchased the larger diameter unit so this next issue maybe specific to it. Distance between pipe ends where donuts attach to stock manifolds two wide by over 1 inch. Had to make up a jig (pictures available) to keep exhaust end spread correct but close up spread in front of crossover correctly without crushing pipe or distorting bends. . Would not trust muffler shop as had to test on and off car until right. This was a half day job. Neither mid pipe is numbered or labeled passenger/ driver side. Three ins and outs to get right one on right side as only one fits correctly to muffler on passenger side. Drivers side end angle bends to align with muffler forces muffler too close to drive shaft at rear. Two more trips required to( very nice) muffler shop to adjust two angle bends by muffler end and pipes parallel to drive shaft with equal clearances. Last issue is getting the combined muffler tailpipe bends over rear axle into location. Passenger side goes well however driver side has rear axle vent tube in the way. You have to loosen off the bottom of the shock as far as possible when up on the hoist to lower the axle and allow this tail pipe to fit into location. Try to get everything else corrected ahead of time, I had to do this twice. Set up a floor jack and jig ahead also to hold up assembly while securing u bolts to keep alignment correct. Kit should really include donuts, U brackets and new bolts for stock hangers when you purchase. Guess I missed this when I bought it on line.

    • Sounds perfect not too loud at all.
    • Not an easy install.
    • Takes time and patience to get it right.

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