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Item #: 24738

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Price: $499.85
    Cost: 39988
    Earns: 500
    Bonus: 293


    Out of Stock - Unknown

    Good used, rust free valance. Getting to be hard to find without excessive filler or severe damage. We do have NOS and on occasion we we get in a flawless, never dinged, used example, this one will show a few very minor dings.

    Ford part # C9WY-17620-A.


    • 1969 Mercury Cougar
    • 1970 Mercury Cougar

    This is our latest (and youngest) new hire! This is JD Rush who was named in part after his Great Grandfather, Jack Donald Rush who got me (Don Rush) interested in old cars at a very young age. My Grandfather was part owner of Mount Hood Motors / Wrecking & Towing for a number of years and I have fond memories as a boy of exploring the yard. Now that JD is three years old it is time to go to work (at least on an occasional Saturday).

    After JD removes the "Sport Special" rocker moulding, it is time to probe for rust so as to grade the quality of the fender before it goes into inventory.

    I know you are in there little mouse!

    I just do not get it... Everytime I pull the trigger, out comes my tongue!

    Screw guns are so cool, what did we do before we had them?

    Careful... Premium grade back up lenses are hard to find Dad says.

    Oops! More where that screw came from, right Dad?

    Time to hose those pesky spiders off before this valance goes on the shelf. Hoses are almost a s fun as screw guns!

    Coffee Break! Soon as I am done Dad you can teach me how to back a trailer...

    Kind of tricky to unload a car from the side with those trailer fenders in the way! Did I do OK Dad?

    Those words on the dash on the dash must mean something... Why won't this pile of junk Forklift move! Dad is so tight with $$$ we need a new one.

    Hee, hee, hee... I did that! Can we mash something now Dad?

    Note to self... These circa 1972, rock-hard bias-ply tires would make for a killer pair of smokers!

    I am exhausted... Time for PB&J, a tall glass of milk and a nap!
    Weight: 15.00 LBS (weight shown may be the dimensional weight)
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