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  • Tachometer - 8000 RPM - XR7 / Eliminator - New / Reman ~ 1969 Mercury Cougar - 13776
  • Tachometer - 8000 RPM - XR7 / Eliminator - New / Reman ~ 1969 Mercury Cougar - 13776
  • Tachometer - 8000 RPM - XR7 / Eliminator - New / Reman ~ 1969 Mercury Cougar - 13776

Item #: 13776

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    Requires $65 Core Charge. Return your core to us for a $65 refund!

    Three wire tachometer for Cougars. Ford wired their early (pre ‘74) tachometers so that they are part of the ignition circuit. What this means is that if the tachometer goes bad, the engine shuts OFF. It also means that you must either replace it with another series type tachometer with 35+ year old circuitry or install a jumper wire to bypass the tach. It also means that you need a special adapter to use your factory tach with an MSD ignition box.

    Our three wire tachs are independent of the factory wiring. They connect just like a “regular” tachometer - 12+V, Ground & ignition. They replace your factory tachometer in the gauge cluster and depending on what ignition system you are running, connect directly to your MSD tach port (no more pesky and unreliable $40 MSD tach adapter) or to the distributor side of the coil. The 69 and 70 Cougar tachometers will bolt into a 69/70 standard cluster with clock delete plate.

    All tachometers come with a 2 year repair/replace warranty.

    NOTE* Keep your lens because these tachs do come with a new lens.

    Core refund will be given when you return your old tachometer, working or not! Please send a copy of your invoice when returning a core.

    Click here to view the installation instructions.

    Weight: 1.20 LBS (weight shown may be the dimensional weight)
    (5.00 out of 5 stars) Customer Rating based upon 1 Review(s).
    Racine, WI.

    Fit, form and function is top notch!!

    5.00 out of 5
    From order to installation, everything with this Tachometer is great! The best thing is the peace of mind knowing I won't be left by the side of the road should the tach. ever fail.
    The follow up and support by the WCCC team is second to none. This is well worth the investment to get.

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