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WCCC Online Catalog Gift Certificates

Because of an issue that causes the automated system to not send Gift Certificate emails, we have stopped issuing Gift Certificates until this issue can be remedied. All previously issued certificates will still work.

You can however contact us and we can add store credit onto a customer account on your behalf.

1. How do these Gift Certificate work?

Our gift certificates are handled by an automated system.  When an order is placed, you will be asked for a recipients name and email address.  Once you submit the order the gift certificate is generated and sent to the recipient.

If you do not want the gift certificate email send to the recipient immediately you will want to put your email address as the recipient email address so the gift certificate email will be sent to you.

If you want to give a physical gift certificate you can click here to download a gift certificate template that you can fill in the blanks on with the information that is provided in the gift certificate email you will receive.  We recommend printing off the gift certificate email and including it when you give the gift certificate.

2. Can I use my Gift Certificate over the Phone?

The Gift Certificates are purchased and handled by an automated system within our website and therefore must be used on our website.

3. Can I give my Gift Certificate to someone else?

Yes, you can give your gift certificate to anyone you choose to.  Gift Certificates can only be used by the recipient email address that they were issued to, so in order to let someone else use them, they need an account on our website, and we can transfer the Gift Certificate from your account to their account.  Fill out the form on the following page to transfer a gift certificate to a different email address: www.cougarpartscatalog.com/Gift_Certificate_Transfer_Form.html

4. How do I use my Gift Certificate?

Add the desired items to your shopping cart. Then in checkout, under Payment Method choose "Gift Certificate", this will show you a list of Gift Certificates you have available to spend, choose a gift certificate and hit the “+”.  This will apply the Gift Certificate to the order and display the remaining order balance, if any. (note: you must be logged in to use gift certificates)