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Item #: 41834

Price: $301.85
    Cost: 24148
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    Out of Stock, Discontinued - Unknown

    Reproduction A/C condenser for the Mercury Cougar or Ford Mustang.

    Shipping Weight: 10.00 LBS
    (weight shown may be the dimensional weight)


    1) Assemble Condenser:

    a) Lay Condenser on flat surface with smallest fitting at

    bottom right corner

    b) Attach bracket #41-0037 to Bottom left corner of


    c) Attach bracket #41-0036 to bottom right corner of


    d) Attach drier mounting bracket #41-6606 to 6th & 8th

    holes up from corner bracket #41-0036. 

    e) Loosely attach drier with wrap around bracket


    f) Lubricate 2 #6 o-rings and install on ends of aluminum

    tube #12-6601R2. 

    g) Attach aluminum tube to the bottom condenser fitting

    h) Remove cap from inlet fitting on drier, Adjust position

    of drier in bracket to align with tube and attach tube

    to drier inlet fitting, Flow direction should be pointing

    to right or away from aluminum tube, tighten fittings.

    i) Tighten nuts to secure drier in wrap around bracket.

    j) Make sure drier outlet fitting and condenser inlet fitting

    are capped to keep drier from absorbing moisture from

    the outside air until you are ready to attach A/C hoses.

    2) Remove hood latch assembly from vehicle.

    3) Attach condenser & drier assembly to core support using the

    OEM driver and passenger side factory condenser mounting

    holes at bottom of the core support.

    4) Place mounting bracket #41-1035M over top of condenser

    and align with holes in core support.


    1) Install Pressure Safety Switch 
    A) Remove hexagon shaped plug on side of Receiver / Drier
    B) Place lubricated O-ring on pressure switch.
    B) Screw Pressure Switch into port on Receiver / Drier.
    2) Place electrical plug on pressure safety switch. CAUTION: Make
    sure the terminals of the switch are inserted into the connectors, not
    between the rubber boot and connectors.
    3) Connect one wire from safety switch to the green wire coming
    through firewall from the thermostat. The second wire will connect
    to the compressor clutch, it is recommend to wait until the system is
    ready for the refrigerant charge before making this final connection
    to the compressor to prevent compressor damage.

    5.00 out of 5 stars
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    Just what I wanted

    5.00 out of 5
    My old one was ragged and since you can see it through the grill on these cars it had to go

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