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Did you know that in 1968 there were 25 Cougars factory equipped with a collapsible spare tire?
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Headliner - Perforated - BLACK - Repro ~ 1969 - 1970 Mercury Cougar


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Price: $99.85

    Correct Reproduction BLACK Perforated Headliner for the 1969 & 1970 Mercury Cougar

    Correct Reproduction BLACK Perforated Headliner for the 1969 & 1970 Mercury Cougar

    Check out our video below showing how to install one of these bow-type headliners. This was done by a pro, but it's a job you can do yourself with some patience and basic knowledge.

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    Very nice quality with an OEM look. Material is much heavier than OEM. The seams and ribs for the bows are sewn well and didn't unravel. The fit is dependent upon the installer. My application had a sunroof which required me to glue the seams prior to cutting the center hole. Although WCCC offers a sunroof kit, that kit only has 2 ribs for bows where mine required 3. Had to return that kit, order this one and cut the hole. Extra seams required care while cutting and limited stretching ability for install. That's my situation; this is still a great kit.

    • Nice quality. material better than OEM
    • Fit will depend on installer

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