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Lens - Instrument Gauge Cluster - Used ~ 1969 - 1970 Mercury Cougar


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Item #: 21-0016
Used / Wrecking Yard Item?
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Price: $21.85
    Good used lens that has not gone milky from over exposure to the sun. Not for use on the XR7 speedometer or clocks found on the XR7 or Standard models. To get these lenses looking new you will have to use a three step plastic polish like Novus or Meguires plastic polish. If your lenses are cloudy or swirled looking this will not come out as it is internal.
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    Used part needed lense polished before use

    4.50 out of 5
    Lens had scratches and was not clear. I bought Mothers NuLens headlight renewal kit and polished the lens to where it now looks good.


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