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Moulding / Trim Set - Wheel Lip - BLEM - Restored ~ 1967 - 1968 Mercury Cougar

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Item #: 31322
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Price: $289.85

    Restored BLEM Wheel Lip Moulding Set for the 1967 and 1968 Mercury Cougar


    Normal Stock Item - Next Business Day

    This is for the person who does not want to modify the off-shore Mustang reproduction wheel lip mouldings we sell but do not have good cores for exchange for our premium set of restored wheel lips. Each one of these wheel lips will show some imperfections, mostly found on the inside where the wheel lip fastens to the wheel arch. The blems most commonly found on our less than perfect wheel lip mouldings may include multiple extra little holes drilled for mud flaps, "speckles" in the finish from not being able to completely buff out all the rock divots in the aluminium, corrosion on the edge from years of moisture and possibly thin spots from going to deep on a buffer wheel. Please study the pictures here to determine if this set of four is the right choice for you. You can still turn in your premium cores and receive an even deeper discount from what is shown here but there is no core charge or requirement of cores being sent in advance. Keep in mind it is really the rears we need as cores if you decide to send them, especially the right rear. Also know that this set will show more imperfections on the rear lips than the fronts.

    Please reference the above photos for samples of quality.

    For more info on aluminum trim restoration & core exchanging, check out our video below.

    We also have a much cheaper alternative to these restored mouldings. Check out the reproduction 71-3 Mustang mouldings, which can be easily modified to fit a 67/68 Cougar (see video below).

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