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Moulding / Trim Set - Vinyl Top - FULL Top - Set of 6 - Restored ~ 1971 - 1973 Mercury Cougar

Moulding / Trim Set - Vinyl Top - FULL Top - Set of 6 - Restored ~ 1971 - 1973 Mercury Cougar - 10136
Moulding / Trim Set - Vinyl Top - FULL Top - Set of 6 - Restored ~ 1971 - 1973 Mercury Cougar - 10136
Moulding / Trim Set - Vinyl Top - FULL Top - Set of 6 - Restored ~ 1971 - 1973 Mercury Cougar - 10136
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Item #: 10136
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Price: $385.85

    Restored Full Top Moulding / Trim Set for the 1971, 9172 ans 1973 Mercury Cougar Equipped with a FULL Vinyl Top

    Restored 6 piece vinyl top moulding / trim set for the Mercury Cougar equipped with the full vinyl top. You could have gotten your 1971-3 Cougar with either a full or half vinyl top and the moulding trim set for each is very different. This full top set has 6 pieces where the half top set is only 2 pieces. While this moulding / trim is restored, you will need to paint the detail stripe semi-gloss black yourself. 

    *RESTORATION TIP* You will need a can of good quality semi-gloss black paint, a roll of good quality masking tape, a scuff pad and isoporpyl alcohol. The best way to paint the detail stripe on this moulding / trim set is to mask it off to both prep and paint it. Masking the part with a quality masking tape will not only give you a nice sharp paint line, but it will also protect the rest of the moulding / trim from scuff marks when you prep it for paint. Light scuffing in the area you want to paint will give the part some "tooth" and promote paint adhesion. 

    After masking and scuffing, the part will need to be thoroughly cleaned and re-masked if needed. You will want to blow it off then wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol. Traditional paint thinner can potentially damage the anodizing. When applying the paint, you should hold the can 8-10" away and keep the can as perpendicular to the surface as possible. Do not try to get complete coverage with 1 coat! Slow light coats will help reduce runs and unevenness in the painted surface. You should be able to get complete coverage with a couple of coats with your first coat being just a hazing coat. If you need more than 2 coats, no worries, just apply as needed until you have complete coverage.

    Right after you finish painting the detail stripe, you will want to pull your masking tape off. This will allow the paint to flow out and soften the edges and give your moulding / trim a nice smooth look. If you wait until the part is dry, you will see a raised edge. Now get out there and get your hands dirty! 

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