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Applique Kit - Dash Overlay - XR-7 - Burl Wood Grain - 7 Piece - New ~ 1967 Mercury Cougar

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Price: $161.85
    7-Piece Complete Burl Wood Overlay Kit for the 1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7
    OK, you asked for it... 

    NEW 7 piece Burlwood pre-cut kit for your 1967 XR-7 Cougar.

    This is the start to a fantastic looking interior and will look better than original by some customers reviews. 

    This kit is a task to install, and will require your dash be disassembled, but hey,  polish up those lenses and replace those burned out bulbs while you're at it. We also sell the full line of gauges individually for your failing units.

    Our kit fully surrounds all of the dash bezels. Just heat and stick, after a little prep of course.

    Our kit has the 3 piece dash overlays. same kit works with A/C or without. Just cut out the center and wrap to the back side. Also includes 4 piece door pull strap end cap overlays, so the wood grain will match the dash. 

    Coming soon: YouTube video showing how to install the dash vinyl kit. For now, check out this video to get an idea for how to apply this vinyl.

    Take a close look at the comparison pictures from an original set to the new Burl set. While it is a different pattern, we think the texture of the new vinyl is quite nice, and it's thick enough to cover any imperfections in your dash easily.

    Here’s a little inspiration for you to get our vinyl overlay kit and wrap your own parts!

    Product Reviews
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    3.75 out of 5
    I purchased these for my XR7 GT that I am restoring. With my wife operating the heat gun on a low setting we started with the center section. It was the smallest section but turned out to be the most difficult one to do. There are several tricks that my wife and I discovered that made the job easier. One trick is to use a deep well socket slightly smaller than the toggle switch depression and after you gently heat up the applique use the drive end of the socket to press the decal into the depression and hold it there while it cools. Another trick is to not trim the edges to the exact size of the opening to be covered. You need to allow about 1/8th of an inch to lap around the opening and fold back over to help "anchor" the decal. To do this gently heat up the decal and at the same time use your fingers to stretch the decal around the parameter of the opening and then back over the back side of the insert.

    I would suggest starting with the passenger side insert because it is the easiest to work with and perfect the techniques I have outlined here.

    Good Luck!

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    4.00 out of 5
    Looks great, simple installation but it needs a little bit practice


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