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    Reproduction clear six piece glue in glass set for the Mercury Cougar coupe. This set does not come with any window trim so save yours for reuse. There are three versions of this glass. The clear version is just that, clear with no tint. There is a tinted version that will have a slight green tint to the glass. There is also a second tinted version that is called smoked and this version has a grey / brown tint to the glass. The clear and the tinted versions are reproductions of original pieces where the smoked version is not a tint option that was ever offered on an early Cougar. This set includes the windshield, both sides of the door and quarter glass, and rear glass.

    *NOTE* This glue in style door glass will not work in place of the bolt in versions found in later production models. The glue in style glass was carried over from the 1969 model year and was used up to Oct. 1969.

    **NOTE** Windshields are sold separately. If you absolutely want a windshield from us, we,ve got’em. However, because our windshields are required to ship by truck freight, you can save $150 by sourcing one locally. Can’t find a Cougar windshield; look for a Mustang unit of the same year as your Cougar. They are the same!

    Do you have questions about Glue-In vs Bolt-In glass? How about how to properly install Glue-In glass in your 1969 Cougar or Mustang? Check out our video below for some great glassy information!

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    I have been dealing with Don [at WCCC] a very long time, he knows what he's talking about and knows his Cougars!

    - Dennys automotive