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Lens - Side Marker Light - Front - Used ~ 1970 Mercury Cougar

Lens - Side Marker Light - Front - Used ~ 1970 Mercury Cougar - 25033
Lens - Side Marker Light - Front - Used ~ 1970 Mercury Cougar - 25033

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Item #: 25033
Used / Wrecking Yard Item?
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Price: $36.85
    The majority of these 1970 front marker lenses we find have cracks and chips in the back area where the socket twists in place. The easy fix to keep your socket in place on a light with minor damage is to use a product such as Permatex to seal and keep it in place. This used lens has no damage. We do have lenses with minor damage for a substantial savings, please select the quality you desire below.

    *NOTE* This same lens can be found on other Ford products such as the Torino or Maverick. Each car line has a different chrome bezel so you will have to carefully remove the plastic lens from the chrome bezel and then install the lens in your Cougar specific right or left unique chrome bezel.

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    That's what I get for buying used

    Purchased this used (and I understand what that means, but still...) and one of the posts that the bolt screws into was broken. Nothing a little superglue didn't fix, but still spent good money on a broken part.


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