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Fillers - Hood To Grille - Pair - Repro ~ 1970 Mercury Cougar

Fillers - Hood To Grille - Pair - Repro ~ 1970 Mercury Cougar - 26145
Fillers - Hood To Grille - Pair - Repro ~ 1970 Mercury Cougar - 26145

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Item #: 26145
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Price: $71.85

    Reproduction Hood To Grille Fillers 1970 Mercury Cougar

    These plastic fillers were mounted to the end of the 1970 hood extension and filled the gap between center grille surround (extension) and the side grilles. Very rare to find a 1970 Cougar with both of these intact as the driver side often got broken when someone reached in the recess for the hood release latch. These feature the original Ford part numbers. Sold as a pair. Disappointing quality, brittle plastic. Unfortunately, used examples are very hard to find, and these are the only new option.

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    1970 hood to grill plastic fillers

    Was very disappointed with these plastic filler pieces. The colors did not match the correct ones which are suppose to be BLACK... One of the ones received was an off shade of GRAY plastic the other was a dull, almost but not quite, somewhat black plastic. In order to use them they would have to be! Hopefully the paint will not rub off and disclose the dull off colors.

    They are super expensive. I have considered the fact that they are not a big seller and must be a special manufactured item. BUT at least the factory could use BLACK plastic molding material and not what was delivered.

    My XR7 covt. is just an occasional driver and I am not pickey... My 45 year old beat up fillers look much better. SO - Do not order these if you are looking for a correct appearance on the front of your Cougar.


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