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    Upholstery Dropship - Vinyl Kits are made to order, ETA 6-9 Months



    Upholstery items are taking up to 9 months to ship.

    These are NOT modified Mustang interior kits! When ordering interior seat kits from us there is no need for you to send in a sample for us to match. We have the original "Color-Upholstery Selection" binders found at the Mercury dealership in the day. These binders have actual pieces of the vinyl, leather and cloth used in the Cougars originally. These binders (or showroom albums) were used by the salesmen to assist in selecting paint and interior combinations on their new Mercury. We use the ordering codes in the binder that coincide with what you will find on your driver door data tag and what you will see on your www.martiauto.com report. It may sound like overkill but we prefer to have every new set of interior from our suppliers sent to us first so we can match it directly to our dealer binders and then put them next to our original low mileage sets we keep on hand. We take this extra step to ensure they are dimensionally correct and the correct size of piping is used, correct colors and quality is up to our standards. Correct Cougar interior kits matter to us and they do not come easy. We take pride in these kits and want you to be able to take pride in them for many years to come. When we see your Cougar at a show we want to be able to show others and say "Look! This interior kit came from us, pretty nice isn't it?" We HATE selling "close enough kits". If our suppliers cannot come up with good matches or NOS original materials we would rather lose the sale than have your Cougar sport our incorrect interior for years to come.

    *NOTE* The 1969 standard interior was not available in the convertible, Eliminator or bench seat models. This product will take 6 - 8 weeks for delivery.






    Shipping Weight: 26.00 LBS
    (weight shown may be the dimensional weight)

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    I have used West Coast Cougar twice to have parts for my 1971 XR-7 Convertible shipped to Australia. Cannot fault their service and communication. Am definitely a fan. Website is also very comprehensive, they deserve 5 stars. Cheers from The Land...
    - Gary
    The LED PLASMA WHITE lightbulbs are super bright and greatly enhance the visibility (and safety) of my backup lights. A great addition to my already RED PLASMA BRAKE LIGHTS ...
    - Jim Kemp
    I have been dealing with Don [at WCCC] a very long time, he knows what he's talking about and knows his Cougars! ...
    - Dennys automotive
    From the clarity of the website to the quality of the products, WCCC is a fantastic company to deal with. ...
    - Kim
    I received the right side exhaust manifold shortly after I ordered it. My 302 engine is coming along, so hopefully it may be ready to drop into my 1970 Maverick, which is very similar to my first 1970 Maverick that I had from 1970 to 1986, the...
    - Jim ONeil
    I may be slow in leaving feedback on the items I have purchased each time, but I want all to know that I am very pleased with the items and customer support with everything WCCC is simply the best of the best!! I thank you and "Janice" my 67 thanks...
    - Michael
    Purchased a set of wire wheel covers for our 68 Cougar to complete the option content as show in our Marti report. Was pleased at the condition of three caps that Don sold me. Had to return one due to some curb rash and the Westcoast folks gladly...
    - Rick Barrett
    My 1973 Cougar exhaust manifold was cracked. West Coast Classic Cougar agreed to notify me when a used drivers side exhaust manifold was available, which they did. I purchased the manifold and I received it 2 days later. Manifold looks good, fit...
    - Mike
    Have not installed the parts yet but they look a good quality. The top cat glasses are pretty cool! I called a while back because I had a question, they called me back the next day. I appreciated that the more I buy, the more I will know about this...
    - Opeldidit
    Purchased the cooling system package for the 289 V8. Has the 24" radiator, big block fan, fan clutch, and shroud. All parts fit as expected and the "how to" YouTube video was a big help. ...
    - ipswichbill