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Availability: Normal Stock Item
Item #: 31271 -

New product that is in stock and ready for shipment now! Concours quality, perfect fit and a great value for the money. These little emblems are often the first thing one sees as they approach your car as they are at eye level. These emblems are located on the "C" pillars of your 67 - 68 Cougar but can also be used on a 71-76 Cougar with little or no modification. These mount on the lower part of the roof behind the quarter windows. This part of the roof is also known as the 'C'...

Price: $519.85

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Availability: Normal Stock Item
Item #: 11597 -

Nice reproduction of the convertible boot moulding for the 1971 - 1973 Ford Mustang, but also works on the 1971 - 1973 Cougar. The Cougar originally would have had a different contour and a painted black stripe down the length of the moulding.

Price: $599.85

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Availability: Normal Stock Item
Item #: 30684 -

This listing consists of 2 L shaped die cast side mouldings and one rear stainless moulding. We require clean cores for exchange prior to shipping. If you are in question as to whether your cores are acceptable or not, please send us several digital pictures. These differ from Mustang in that the Cougar has the center portion recessed with black semigloss paint. Our restored mouldings do not have the paint applied. The ford casting numbers as seen on the side mouldings read D1WB-76423A19-AA...

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Availability: Normal Stock Item
Item #: 27348 -

New black plastic access plug as found on most all 1971-73 Mercury and many other Ford cars starting in 1970. It only comes in black, the color can be changed with the appropriate color of interior paint. This is a near match to the originals that have become chalky over time. It does come with a texture, but the original texture is courser than these new plugs. Replaces Ford part number D0AB-62611B32.

Price: $38.85

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Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: 26011 -

This emblem was used on the driver side of the 1971 - 1972 Cougar hood and on the passenger side of the trunk lid in 1967 - 1968. Also used on various other Mercury products like the Comet, Cyclone, and Marquis prior to 1973. This will not fit on the fender extension of the 1967- 1968 Cougar. Fantastic quality part... In our experience, we have found that you would have to obtain several NOS emblems before you found one with chrome as nice as this. The quality on these new emblems is very...

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