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Window Regulator - Passenger Side - Used ~ 1968 Mercury Cougar / 1968 Ford Mustang

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Item #: 11-0221
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Price: $54.85

    Good used, original FORD regulator that has been closely inspected for wear on the gears and cracks in the rollers.

    Replaces Ford Parts #:
    C8ZZ-6523200-A and

    Unlike the new units our used units come with a three year warranty!

    1967 & 1968 Stamped Markings:
    C7ZB-6523232-A, C7ZB-65234A12-A & C7OB-65223220-A.

    *NOTE* We suggest that you purchase our good used passenger side door glass regulators over the reproduction. Nothing beats original FoMoCo quality and we always have several perfectly working used examples in stock. This does not hold true with our driver side door glass regulators. Rarely do we find a flawless driver side regulator for 1967 - 1968 due to how much more use they get compared to the passenger side.

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    The regulator fit properly with a small amount of effort and is still working properly!


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