Deciphering Ford Part Numbers

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Ever wonder what those Ford Part Numbers actually mean?  Let's take a look at an example.

Example Ford Part Number: C8ZE-9425-AK

Here is a quick breakdown of what that part number means:

C8 = made originally for the 1968
Z = Originally designed for the Mustang
E = It was designed by the Engine Engineering department of Ford

9425 = Part class number, most if not all Air Intake Manifolds will use this part class

AK = This indicates the version or revision of the part, for example they would use different letters to differentiate between a part made specifically to fit the 302 and a part made specifically for the 351 Cleveland, or if they made a revision to the part they will indicate that by giving it a new letter.

This page gives more info about deciphering part numbers:

You can use the Master Parts Catalog to find out what this exact part number represents. There is another website that offers the pdf of the Mercury Lincoln Master Parts Catalog from 65-72 as a free download:

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