Deciphering Ford Part Numbers

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Ever wonder what those Ford Part Numbers actually mean?  Let's take a look at an example.

Example Ford Part Number: C8ZE-9425-AK

Here is a quick breakdown of what that part number means:

C8 = made originally for the 1968
Z = Originally designed for the Mustang
E = It was designed by the Engine Engineering department of Ford

9425 = Part class number, most if not all Air Intake Manifolds will use this part class

AK = This indicates the version or revision of the part, for example they would use different letters to differentiate between a part made specifically to fit the 302 and a part made specifically for the 351 Cleveland, or if they made a revision to the part they will indicate that by giving it a new letter.

Here are a couple pages that give more info about deciphering part numbers:

You can use the Master Parts Catalog to find out what this exact part number represents. offers the pdf of the Mercury Lincoln Master Parts Catalog from 65-72 as a free download:

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