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The Mystery Muscle Car: Mercury Cougar GT-E - Book ~ 1967 - 1973 Mercury Cougar


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Price: $39.85

    A new book about the 1968 Mercury Cougar GT-E.

    Here's a new book about the king of classic Cougars, the GT-E! This book starts out with the standard '68 Cougar and XR-7 as both models were available with the GT-E option. The reader is then taken through the early stages with the XR-7S and prototypes. Following these pages is the GT-E as we all know it, and then a brief venture into 1969. Lastly are parts lists for the 427 GT-E and the 428 GT-E. This book was written for the casual reader as well as the GT-E enthusiast.

    The book contains many pictures and documents never published before. A great addition to your collection!
    From the author of The BIG BOOK of Cougar, Don Skinner.
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    Great Reference

    5.00 out of 5
    Contains a lot of good info and some good stories as well.

    Reviewed On:

    Got the book!

    4.50 out of 5
    I love the book. It is a consolidation and complete run down of so many bits of information, and has a lot of photos of press releases, ads, and even current cars in owners' hands. It has a ton of very good and accurate information. I can tell that the facts and figures have been edited and checked over very carefully, by experts such as Jim Pinkerton.

    If I were to be ultra critical (and I know Don, and commend him for his effort and work, this cannot be an easy project!) I will say I wish some of the photos were larger, and had a more "glossy" and clear production quality. The pages are not too consistent looking and the print quality isn't fancy, and that is OK with me. This is not a hard-bound fancy Coffee table book. It is a tool and it may get your dirty hands on it some day but you're not going to kill it's value. It is made to read, and re read, and wear out!

    One must buy the book knowing that it has a lot of info you'd already have in your head or in your old notes somewhere. You probably have seen a lot of the photos, even. But much of the info and history on GT-Es is "somewhere out there" on the internet, and it is really nice to have so much consolidated where you can have your hands on it.. So that you can read on the go or just relaxing at home.

    As a GT-E owner, the book is just an essential and the cost is something I consider strong but completely understandable and necessary to make the publication happen! If I were to be a shopper of a GT-E, I'd want and need this book. If I was a casual Cougar owner, I'd also find it fascinating but I might..might..balk at the price. But again, the cost for everything is high these days. You have to pay to play!

    Well done Don Skinner!

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