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  • Pulley - Water Pump - 390 / 427 GT-E / 428CJ - C8OE-8509-A - Used ~ 1968 - 1970 Mercury Cougar / 1968 - 1970 Ford Mustang - 24441
  • Pulley - Water Pump - 390 / 427 GT-E / 428CJ - C8OE-8509-A - Used ~ 1968 - 1970 Mercury Cougar / 1968 - 1970 Ford Mustang - 24441

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    C8OZ-8509-C 1968 427 / 390-4V without air conditioning and 1968-1970 428CJ without air conditioning. Thermactor on all applications, power steering optional. 3 sheave pulley with two different diameters. The MPC lists it as 6 inches on the dual sheave portion and 5-1/16 inches on the outer but we find the actual outer most measurements to be 6 1/8" wide on the dual pulley and 5 3/16" wide on the single sheave pulley. When laid on a flat surface the height is 2 3/8" tall. Ford casting number C8OE-8509-A, stamped in yellow ink is sometimes present. The inner pulley a stamping of C6TE-8509-C, can often be seen inside.

    *NOTE* If you look in the gap (at just the right angle) between the smaller and two larger cogs you will see a stamped casting number of C6TE-8509-C. This would be the correct casting number if the pulley was two cog and did not have the secondary portion bonded to it. Whereas this is not the correct casting number for the combination shown, it does serve as a good identifier.

    Customer Feedback - Don, Thank you so much for posting this information! I have been searching for this pulley for months and I found part of the information here and there but your site is the only one that ties it altogether and offers great pictures. I ended up picking it up at a swap meet for $45 because the seller was unsure of the application, but with your info printed and in my pocket I was able to score! Even though I did not buy it from you, it will come back to you in the end because with the savings I plan on buying a sequential unit from you. You and your team are setting a new industry standard with this website. Keep it up! Kevin Moore, 68 Bench seat 390 Standard.

    Kevin, Thank you for noticing! I am thrilled to help you out in this way. It is impossible for us to supply everyone with these rare parts so we enthusiastically encourage you to use and distribute this information. Who wants to pay retail for every little tidbit anyway? The hunt for parts is half the fun! Send me pictures of your car when you can and I will post them on our site. Take Care, Don

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    390 3-Sheave Water Pump Pulley

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    These are really hard to find in good condition. This one was great and good as new once blasted and painted.

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