DIY Tilt Column Repairs - 1967-1978 Ford / Lincoln / Mercury

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1967-69 locking lever pin: 

1970-78 locking lever pin:

1967-69 flange bumper:

Please note that we no longer offer a tilt rebuild service. For tilt column service, you can contact Tony Augustine at Tony is a trusted colleague of WCCC and we've sent many customers his way since our column specialist (DW) retired.

YouTube Transcript:

Hey Don Rush here over the last couple years our tilt column rebuilding service has really caught on and we're getting columns coming in and out of here every day I want to talk about a couple of new parts I believe that there was a design flaw in all 67 to say 79 Ford tilt columns and that design flaw is the pins on these teeth so when you adjust your column you are releasing this lever and going to the different adjustments anyway the pans over time work out and once these pins work out this becomes misaligned once this is misaligned you break aluminum castings the easy simple solution is make oversized one with circlips it'll never work out these columns are so valuable these days that well hundreds of dollars sometimes over a thousand dollars you do not want to risk damaging them the aluminum used parts are becoming them very hard to come by and by the way we'll buy your broken used unwanted tilt columns you don't want to wrist break it so even if yours isn't coming apart internally I say let's do the upgrade dawn who does our rebuilds here is going to walk you through the ones that we think you can handle at home the other ones in later years kind of hard you really got to dig deep into the column to service those so we suggest you send those to us we have another video showing how you do send your column to us preparing it wrapping it and everything and our service there unfortunately we cannot take your phone calls and give you advice over the phone on how to rebuild your column but if you go to classic cougar there are several that will help you free of charge and the search words there are tilt tilt away at classic cougar so I'm going to turn this over to dawn I'm DW with West Coast classic cougar and I'm the guy who fixes or brakes your tilt columns today we're going to discuss what donned it was talking about about these pins the replacements on it that will keep coming apart what we're going to do is I will show you how to do a 67 68 or a 69 and you can do this while this is in the car it is relatively easy we've got a 68 column here most of it's pretty well tore down but for our purposes it will work fine you've got three screws on this can that you're going to want to take off and you can take that off and slide that out and then you will see on this that you've got a pin here on this jaw and you have a pin over here on that jaw and what we want to do is is replace them but we don't want to take and have this flopping all over the place so what were you going to do is you're going to take the snap ring or the circlip off the ends of these pins and then we're going to use it as a dowel and we're going to start tapping it don't go wailing on it just tap it make sure you're on top if you have a little trouble with it to locate or get it started use a punch smaller punch but if you just tap on this lightly take your time if you need to get a punch and I think I will get a punch and drive it all the way through that one came out that's fine put our clip in which anybody it has to work on these nose is to be a real pain at times besides done I'm going to tap it back get it back on the other side and then of course like everybody else I lose it can't find it cost and then we finally locate it and start put it in on the other side cus some more there now this pin is not going to come out it's real easy to do you could do it on both sides probably easiest just take a punch start it don't go all the way through I can turn it around put that on there give it a couple light taps don't go crazy this is soft metal and it will break this has the circlip on it so i want to move it around all the way if it wants to today okay take my punch couple sharp blows get popped all the way up pop this flush and now we'll take our other surf clip and put it in their columns done which cannister back on locate the locating hole here and the locating groove down here and you would be good to go put your three screws back in put your steering your turn signal back on and your steering wheel and this column would be you'd never come back out again it's it's there so you don't have to worry about that feeling okay on the sixty seven eight and nine we also have the plastic bumper we have these reproduced the plastic bumper fits right here and this bumper comes up against here and on your tilt away when you when it tilts away this slams against this piece and this piece will break over time the bumper that fits right there yeah but only when you're on video that suckers going little little I'll have to work on their wallet you got it this piece fits right in here it's a little bit difficult to go in but it will go in now when it slams up against the stopper it won't break this now it'll cushion it we have these for sale we have manufactured for for us and they're available now I'll save your column it'll save you about 1,600 bucks okay this is a 70s this is of 72 but we can this applies to a 70 through 78 column you have a unlocking paw and the locky paw catches on on a pin just like the 67 68 and 69 these pins slide they move around inside and when they move to the side too far they will one end will fall out then the locking paw will only catch in one little spot and eventually we'll break it and chip it such as you can see here there's a chip on here some of them are chipped worse and then won't the tilt function won't tilt anymore it'll just go back and forth and flop around we have the pin to solve that but it's real difficult to do it at home the reason being is your lock mechanism when it needs to come out your tumbler it's with a gear system inside and when you pull this out after you screwed everything you've lost the index on the under Gary inside and to put it back together is difficult but if you could get that off and you pulled your locator your pivot pins out still you cannot get to that pin because this pin is inside here so you eventually have to unscrew three allen screws to pull this piece out along with the shaft then you get this here this is the piece you'll have to replace we've got a pin in here that will pop out real quick I'll show you that right here this has been wobbled out because the pin has moved around over time it's not wobbled out on this side this is still good three quarters of this is still good and this is still good if we put one of these pins in here with the circlip one of the snap ring whichever you want to call it you put that in there we've saved this piece you won't have to purchase it you'll be able to keep it this functionality will be good it's still a solid piece just a little worn here you really don't need it in doing that if this locking pas only has a small chip on it such as this one you could still use this this is a very expensive piece you could still use this and it'd still be functional and it'll save you a lot of money just by putting this piece in but for you to do it it's going to be a little bit difficult it's not impossible but every time we rebuild a column here we replace these pins with these snap repair snap rings or Sur clips that they're the best thing going for for an expensive column you did there worth every penny and we put it in every one we rebuilt I hope that helps and saves you a column look a day

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