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Bumper and Trim - Coupe - Complete Package - Restored ~ 1970 Mercury Cougar

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Item #: 10045
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Price: $1,759.85

    Avoid hassle, damaged parcels and costly shipping.


    Normal Stock Item - Next Business Day

    Here is a time and money saving package deal for the person restoring their 1970 Cougar. This package includes:

    • Hood lip mouldings
    • Fender extension mouldings
    • Deck lid moulding
    • Drip rail mouldings (specify w/ or without vinyl top)
    • Nine piece front and rear window trim
    • Front and rear Award Winning Bumpers

    Keep in mind we will often give extra core value trade in for items we may be low on. Please call before sending extra parts for trade value.

    All parts are show quality. The bumpers are triple plated chrome, the aluminum has the correct anodized finish just like NOS and the stainless has been restored to a brighter than NOS luster. Keep in mind any parts you choose to add to the order (like bumper guards, rocker panel mouldings, quarter window mouldings, back up bezels and taillight bezels) can be added with no extra (or minimal) shipping charges.

    Please know that chrome cracking from the installation of bumper bolts on our rechromed bumpers is not covered under warranty. We have observed that some reproduction wavy washers are of a thicker material than original and require more torque to flatten out properly for a good fit. We suggest that no matter what thickness your repro wavy washer is that you flatten them out in a vise prior to installation so as not to have to apply as much torque when installing. Better yet, reuse the originals whenever possible. Also know that all bumpers once they are straightened and polished lose material (thickness) in the restoration process, often these 50 year old bumpers have gone through this process more than once. Also know that chrome seems to adhere better to virgin metal better than used, recycled metal. With those three things working against you extreme caution is needed when installing your rechromed bumper.

    When returning cores we suggest placing the front bumper inside the cavity of the rear bumper and then placing all but the drip rails and two larger stainless rear window trim parts in a separate package. Once the trim is taped inside the bumpers, cocoon the parts with stretch wrap or find a sturdy form fitted box (hint, look behind dealerships and auto body shops). We must obtain your restorable cores before we can ship as certain parts like the hood lip moulding are just too hard for us to obtain. If you have extra cores we would give a discount on your order, call prior to sending. If you do not have an economical means of shipping you may contact us and we can sell you a prepaid UPS "call tag". The label (call tag) can be emailed to you so you can print and affix to the package.

    We've made a couple videos about our restored bumpers and trim, check them out below for more info:

    When sending us your core(s), we will need a copy of your invoice. Or at the very least, your invoice number which is located at the top left corner of your original invoice. We will also need the date of your purchase.

    Once you have your trim cores packed, we suggest that you take them outside and throw them up into the air as high as you can. After your box lands, jump on it. If you do not think that it will survive, you have not packed it well enough. We have discovered that this type of abuse is typical with shipping. We are not responsible for any damages that may occur in shipping.

    Do not send us pretzel shaped parts, parts you have attempted to fix yourself, or flattened out parts. We need trim parts showing only MINOR dents, dings, dullness, or scratches.

    Due to the difficulty in obtaining trim we no longer sell these without first having you send us your cores.

    Keep in mind we buy most trim and mouldings found on a Cougar.

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