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What to look for when buying a Cougar:

So you own a Cougar, now what?

On a daily basis we are asked:

  • Where can I find information about my Cougar?
  • Where can I get advice on modifications or repairs on my Cougar?
  • What documentation or manuals should I have for my Cougar?

So we have compiled a list of resources every Cougar owner should know about.

  1. Every Cougar owner should be a member at the Cougar community forums.   It is the best place for advice from actual Cougar owners about modifications, repairs, or to just share Cougar stories, ideas and pics with other Cougar enthusiasts.
  2. Every Cougar owner should visit Cougar Club of America's site:
  3. Every Cougar owner needs to be aware of  Marti Auto Works is the exclusively licensed company to have direct access to the Ford Production Database for the Cougar (as well as all other Ford/Mercury vehicles 1967-1993).  From Marti Auto Works you can get:
    • Marti Reports: Standard, Deluxe, or Elite
      • Standard: a report showing exactly how your Cougar came equipped from the factory; ie original build date, color, engine, transmission, dealership that sold the car, etc.  (Click here to see Example)
      • Deluxe: in addition to giving you the complete factory option list and door data plate info, includes a simulation of your door data plate. You also get a list of significant dates in your car's history, including the day it was sold. (Click here to see Example)
      • Elite: in addition to giving you the complete factory option list and door data plate info, includes a reproduction of your door data plate. You also get a reproduction of the window sticker and personalized production statistics that show how unique your car is. All of this is mounted behind a Ford blue matte board and installed in a 16" x 20" black frame. (Click here to see Example)
    • Original invoice (Click here to see Example)
    • Replacement Tags: Various tags used on your classic Ford, Lincoln and Mercury. These tags are made using the same stamping equipment used at the factory and are designed to be EXACT replacements for what was originally used at the time your vehicle was manufactured. Including the specific fonts, spacing and tag design.
  4. Recommended Manuals:
    • Owners Manual
    • Shop Manual: detailed instructions on disassembly and assembly of all major components.
    • Assembly Manuals: a must have for anyone doing their own repairs. Even if you pay others to do your repairs, you should always have these in hand when you hand the keys to your mechanic as it will save whoever does the work hours. These are the blueprints the line workers used to build these cars in the day.
    • Cougar . . . By the Numbers: contain never before published information drawn direct from company records, and over 14,000 statistics. What to know 'How does my car compare? Is it really rare?'  Herein lies the answer.
    • Cougar / Mustang Tagbook: shows you how to identify and understand all the tags found on your car and find out if it is 'numbers matching'.