Dash Removal / Access Dash Cluster on 1969 - 1970 Mercury Cougar

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Dash Removal / Access Dash Cluster on 1969 - 1970 Mercury Cougar
Check out the first 3 minutes of our heater core video to learn how to remove the dash pad and get to the dash cluster on a 69-70 Mercury Cougar:

Heater Core Replacement


00:19 well it's that time of a car's life we

00:22 all dread it's time to do the heater

00:24 core on this old car no kidding it's a

00:26 tough job and a lot of you are gonna

00:28 think I'm just gonna take it to a shop

00:30 that could be a mistake because a lot of

00:32 those shops don't have the patience or

00:34 love for your car that you do so let's

00:37 dive into this together maybe you'll

00:39 learn something here and you'll be

00:41 empowered once you watch this video and

00:43 feel like you can handle it and I don't

00:47 know what else to say .... normally I'd

00:54 remove the console but since I was

00:55 working on my radio and repainting my

00:58 console, that parts already done so

01:01 another piece we'd have to take off is

01:03 the radio trim ... already done ... so next

01:06 we'll start working on the fasteners ...

01:08 here, three of them up here, then we

01:13 got the little ones underneath this trim

01:15 we got a couple here and then we got a

01:19 couple here and here so we got lots of

01:22 external screws to remove unlike the 67

01:25 or 68 this dash pad is relatively easy

01:28 to remove

02:16 it helps to have a convertible

02:29 this is a critical point right here the

02:32 speedometer cable has to be squeezed

02:34 right at the head in just the right

02:36 place you yank on it you're gonna break

02:39 the plastic clip you got to replace the

02:41 whole speedometer cable so we're gonna

02:43 reach back there and squeeze it just in

02:46 the right place... perfect

02:50 this is what we're doing 

02:59 you don't want to squeeze

03:00 like this, you're doing nothing. you want

03:03 to squeeze... you want to push this down

03:05 and when you push this tab down, you're

03:09 releasing that right there. that's the

03:11 locking pin, if you will, so you push down

03:14 and pull the cluster out

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Dave Chambers March 24, 2022 11:59 AM reply
i am very happy to have found this web site . its a cougar restorers dream come true .

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