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  • Door Hinge - Lower - Passenger Side - Core ~ 1968 Mercury Cougar / 1968 Ford Mustang - 11709
  • Door Hinge - Lower - Passenger Side - Core ~ 1968 Mercury Cougar / 1968 Ford Mustang - 11709
  • Door Hinge - Lower - Passenger Side - Core ~ 1968 Mercury Cougar / 1968 Ford Mustang - 11709

Item #: 11709

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Price: $39.85
    Cost: 3188
    Earns: 40
    Bonus: 34


    Out of Stock - Unknown

    We highly recommend restoring our rust free Western hinges over using reproduction hinges. The main reason the originals are better than the Taiwan made reproductions is fit. If there is anywhere in which you want a precision fit it is in the hinges. These hinges have not been worn to the point of being "hogged out" and have been carefully inspected for cracks. You will want to purchase a new hinge pin and 2 bushings though.

    *TIP* When you rebuild your lower hinges swap the S shaped tension rods sided to side. By installing the passenger side tension rod to the drivers side and visa versa you will be wearing the other side of the rod where the rollers ride.

    This icon means that we're looking to buy this part! WCCC is a buyer of used and NOS hard to find 67-73 Mercury Cougar parts. Usually we give an in store credit of 50% of our web price for parts delivered in hand or by carrier to our Brooks, Oregon location. If you're not interested in store credit, just shoot us an email and we will let you know if it's is something we can pay cash for. We do not send cash for parts in advance but we often can compensate you within hours of receiving the goods. Sometimes a 50% wholesale bid will not be enough to entice you to sell. It never hurts to ask if we can up our bid! If it is an in demand item that we have requests for we often can pay more. Just email us if you have questions or want to share pictures.

    Check out our hinge rebuild video below for more info.

    Weight: 3.00 LBS (weight shown may be the dimensional weight)
    (3.50 out of 5 stars) Customer Rating based upon 1 Review(s).

    a little dissapointed

    3.50 out of 5
    the bushing holes were worn (elongated) a little less than the ones I'm replacing . I used them anyhow with a little JB Weld . I had watched the video on replacing the hinges on the 69. The video sold me on the idea of replacing the worn lower hinges that I had with better ones . Plus my order was held up in customs as there was a problem with the customs papers (so says UPS) delaying delivery 2 more days.

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