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Brake Booster - Midland Power Brake - PREMIUM - Rebuilt - PRE-SEND CORE ~ 1967 - 1969 Mercury Cougar / 1967 - 1969 Ford Mustang


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Price: $325.85

    Rebuilt Midland Power Brake Booster
    for the 1967 and 1968 Mercury Cougar or Ford Mustang

    This option REQUIRES sending your core in advance.

    Here are the advantages of pre-sending your core:

    We can core match your booster. Boosters that are rebuilt using a superior quality core are always reserved for core matching. If your core is average or below average, you may be able to pay to upgrade to a rebuilt booster that started the rebuild process as a superior quality core.
    You can find out the quality of your core before paying a core charge and avoid unnecessary core charges. Discounted core charges may apply for below average cores if sent in advance.

    The Midland brand booster was used in 1967-68 (and on some early 1969 models) and has slightly better stopping capability than the 1969-70 Bendix booster. The downside is that you are fortunate to get 10 years out of the Midland brand booster as they are not as reliable of a design as the units used in 1969 - 1970. You can use a 1969 Bendix on your 1967 - 1968 as an exact fit replacement but you cannot use a 1970 on a 1967 - 1969 without changing the brake pedal as well. If you currently have manual brakes and wish to add a vacuum assist booster you must change the brake pedal as it has a different fulcrum point (mounts differently to the hanger). These are quality rebuilds done locally by one of the best in the business when it comes to classic car boosters. This booster carries a 2 year limited warranty.

    NOTE: We now ship out our boosters without paint so those that want to fill pits and get a show quality finish can do so without having to strip paint first. If you would like to paint your booster yourself, you can find the correct paint here.

    You must return all parts shown here to get full core credit back.

    These boosters came marked 3 different ways: a FoMoCo oval, MIDLAND, and blank. Aside from the different markings, they are all the same.


    Do not attempt to use a 1970 booster on a 1967-69 Cougar as failure will occur within minutes!

    Never bleed your brakes on a power brake car with the car running. The pedal will over extend the rod into the booster and break internal parts. This is not covered under warranty.

    NOTE! We are buyers of complete, clean core brake boosters 67-70 for the Mustang / Cougar. We generally pay up to $100 each (usually in the form of in-store credit) and will often pay the shipping via a UPS call tag. Call us anytime at 503-463-1130 for more details.

    Check out our videos below, one on how to convert a manual drum brake car to factory disc brakes, and the other on boosters, differences and do's / don'ts:

    Original 1967 booster installation instructions from Ford:



    Ford Division Service Campaign H-18

    Lincoln-Mercury Division Service Campaign C-07

    Power Brake Booster Replacement - 1967 Mustang with Power Disc Type Brakes - Booster Kit C

    1967 Cougar with Power Disc Type Brakes - Booster Kit K


    • Prior to installing a power booster, carefully examine the booster to assure NO

    damage has occurred during shipping or handling.

    • When installing the booster use care to prevent hitting the booster input shaft

    and guide as this can result in internal damage to the booster.

    Make sure the master cylinder push rod is properly aligned when installing the master


    • Do not remove the plastic protector from the booster until ready to install the

    master cylinder.

    1. Disconnect (2) hydraulic outlet lines from master cylinder.
    2. Remove (2) nuts retaining master cylinder to booster and remove master cylinder.
    3. Disconnect vacuum hoses from booster check valve.
    4. Remove pushrod from brake pedal, secured by (1) hairpin clip, and disconnect
    5. brake light switch.
    6. Remove (4) nuts retaining booster to dash panel.
    7. Remove (1) bolt retaining booster to dash panel.
    8. Remove booster from car.
    9. Obtain replacement booster from carton. Handle carefully. Position booster
    10. in car and install (1) retaining bolt. Check adjustment of master cylinder push
    11. rod (refer to Page 2-5 of the 1966 Shop Manual).
    12. Install (4) retaining nuts.
    13. Connect pushrod and brake light switch to pedal.
    14. Position master cylinder and install retaining nuts.
    15. Connect (2) hydraulic brake lines to master cylinder.
    16. Connect vacuum hoses to booster check valve.
    17. Remove front wheel covers.
    18. Remove front wheel and tire assemblies.
    19. Bleed complete system. IMPORTANT: Only Extra Heavy Duty Brake Fluid, Part No.
    20. C6AZ-19542-A OR B, may be used with disc brakes.
    21. Install wheel and tire assemblies.
    22. Install wheel covers.
    23. Start engine and check brake system and booster operation.


    Attached to this technical instruction you will find a label to be used in returning

    the booster removed from the campaign vehicle involved. It should be affixed to the shipping

    label or form in order to assure proper identification of the returned booster.

    You should enclose also with the returned booster the #2 or #3 copy of the Form 1864 for

    the vehicle corrected. Do not enclose the original. Return the original direct to the

    Claims Processing Activity at the General Office.

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    Brake booster

    5.00 out of 5
    Perfect match for my 67 Mustang.

    • Good price
    • Looks like new

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