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Mounting Bracket / Headlight Bucket - Grille - Passenger Side - Grade A - Used ~ 1967 - 1968 Mercury Cougar

Mounting Bracket / Headlight Bucket - Grille - Passenger Side - Grade A - Used ~ 1967 - 1968 Mercury Cougar - 41556
Mounting Bracket / Headlight Bucket - Grille - Passenger Side - Grade A - Used ~ 1967 - 1968 Mercury Cougar - 41556

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Item #: 41556
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Price: $183.85

    Used Right Side Grille Mounting Bracket / Headlight Bucket Grade"A" for the 1967 and 1968 Mercury Cougar

    If your Cougar came from a region that uses road salt your buckets are probably rusted in the corners or worse. Our dry "West Coast" buckets are 100% rust free and the mounting tabs are not broken from the removal of stubborn bolts. They will not be bent or damaged in any way. Keep in mind we do have grade B brackets for much less money that only have minor bends or blems that could be easily corrected.

    *NOTE* These parts are far more important than most people realize. If they lack structural integrity for any reason be it rust, collision or failed spot welds, you will be damaging your grille in a very short time. The vacuum actuators housed in these brackets are very powerful and if these brackets do not give the support they were designed to then the pressure is now transferred to the chromed die cast portion of the grille and misalignment and cracks will result. Cougar part numbers C7WY-13A158-B - passenger side. C7WY-13A159-B - driver side. Support - Headlamp hinge.

    Don and Lin, I want to thank you for my latest shipment of parts. When I took the headlight buckets out of the box I could not believe how great they looked! I had every intention of sandblasting some surface rust off of them as soon as I got them, but I will only have to wash, and put a fresh coat of paint on them! Thanks again for the amazing 41 year old parts you guys supply! Grant

    Do you want to replace those worn out actuators yourself or are you looking for some great information on aligning the grille in your Cat? The videos below are your ticket!

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    This Headlight Mounting Bracket is also in great shape! Thank you!


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