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    This is the same kit everyone else is offering, but if what you are looking for is a kit that fits and performs as good or better than the original... What you get when you order this kit is rather disappointing. For years we have not sold any underlay kits at all, we have just suggested you get your dose of disappointment closer to home and save the shipping costs or visit your local stereo store and see what high tech "cut to suit" materials they offer. Well, at least this listing will give you an honest idea of what you are going to get for your hard earned money.

    Before purchasing this product from us you may want to visit this very informative site; http://www.sounddeadenershowdown.com/

    Click on images to enlarge.

    Pictured above is the 7 piece. underlay kit for the 1969-1970 Convertible.  The first thing you will notice is a rather "tar like" odor.  Not to worry, the strong scent will be locked in place once your carpet is installed.

    To me the most disappointing thing about this kit is the thickness and weight.  The original kits were about four times the weight and several times thicker.  It is debatable how effective the original was in lieu of some of the products available today, that said you may say to yourself upon opening your newly purchased kit "Why bother?"  In all fairness to the manufacturer can you imagine the logistics of shipping OEM quality material?  First off, it does not flex very good and secondly it would cost a fortune in freight fees to get it to you!

    Notice the two pieces that go on either side of the gas tank.  This kit is paper backed and instead of cutting mirror images of this piece they cut only one.  Therefore one piece will have to be installed with the paper backing facing the opposing way as the other side.

    Please think twice before discarding your crumbling, water stained original underlayment.  Yes, it is a hassle to store it and work it in like a jigsaw puzzle when reinstalling it, but...  What is the alternative?  One "reasonable" alternative is to purchase this kit in conjunction with our mass backed carpet kits that have a thick layer of rubber bonded to the back.  Another good addition would be the foil heat shields we sell.  When you combine this underlay kit with the mass backing option, add the foil heat sheets and top it off with our insulated carpet the end result will be a substantially quieter, better insulated cabin than what they were originally. 

    Here is a shot of the original sound deadener pulled (slightly) apart to expose the en-capsuled insulation.  The new kits do not have this internal layer of jute.

    The above picture shows the new next to the old original sound deadener.  As you can see the thickness is nowhere close.  If you own a 67-68 with a center console good luck getting your console to fit firmly against the dash if all you have under your carpet is this new sound deadener kit.  I personally have not tried this but some customers have reported buying 2 or 3 kits to resemble original fit and function.  The picture below shows what the condition of the single wall cardboard box will look like (on a good day) after delivery from UPS (United Parcel Smashers), often it looks even worse.  The product will have room to slide to and fro in the box so expect folded / damaged corners.  This really does not affect the installation process as it will be firmly encapsulated beneath your carpet and will rapidly form to the contour of your floor.  We do not accept returns on these kits and damage claims are solely at the discretion of the shipper. 

    Before purchasing this, please visit http://www.sounddeadenershowdown.com/

    Shipping Weight: 40.00 LBS
    (weight shown may be the dimensional weight)

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