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Bumper - Front - Restored - PRE-SEND CORE ~ 1969 Mercury Cougar


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Price: $453.85

    Front Bumper Re-chroming Service for the 1969 Mercury Cougar

    This option REQUIRES sending your core in advance.

    Here are the advantages of pre-sending your core:

    • We can core match your bumper. Bumpers that are re-chromed using a superior quality core are always reserved for core matching. If your core is average or below average, you may be able to pay to upgrade to a re-chromed bumper that started the re-chroming process as a superior quality core.
    • You can find out the quality of your core before paying a core charge and avoid unnecessary core charges. Discounted core charges may apply for below average cores if sent in advance.

    FYI: We do not plate, paint, or prep the backside of these bumpers as they were not done that way from the factory.

    These bumpers are re-chromed using the triple plating process. This produces a significantly higher quality finished product because they have a layer of copper, nickel and chrome. It is well worth the hassle and expense by paying a little extra now rather than changing out your bumpers out again in one to five years because the chrome is beginning to deteriorate. For years now, many of the nations top honor Cougar's have worn our bumpers.

    Please know that chrome cracking from the installation of bumper bolts on our rechromed bumpers is not covered under warranty. We have observed that some reproduction wavy washers are of a thicker material than original and require more torque to flatten out properly for a good fit. We suggest that no matter what thickness your repro wavy washer is that you flatten them out in a vise prior to installation so as not to have to apply as much torque when installing. Better yet, reuse the originals whenever possible. Also know that all bumpers once they are straightened and polished lose material (thickness) in the restoration process, often these 50 year old bumpers have gone through this process more than once. Also know that chrome seems to adhere better to virgin metal better than used, recycled metal. With those three things working against you extreme caution is needed when installing your rechromed bumper.

    These have a two year warranty, double that of most of the competition.

    These are un-restored on the back, and after 40+ years, they will all have some degree of surface rust. For those that want to go the extra mile, you can sand the back of the bumper, mask off the front, and coat or spray it with paint or an argent product. You will not cause your bumper harm or void your warranty if you do not do this.

    Also, if you are having difficulty aligning your bumpers, you really need to check out this really cool tool! We have one for loan if you are in the area It only takes seconds and is very easy to use.

    Keep in mind we are always in need of:

    • 69 Front Bumper Cores
    • 70 Front Bumper Cores
    • 1971 - 1972 Front without Bumper Guard Holes
    • 1973 Front Bumper Cores without the holes for the horizontal black rubber impact strip

    If you have extras of any of these bumpers, you can get credit towards anything we have in stock!


    You can ship your core to us for as little as $20 (depending on location) via USPS Parcel Post (www.usps.com)

    if you only use stretch wrapping. When we ship ours to you it costs

    more as we need to pad them properly and we add in insurance. Please

    call 503-463-1130 if you need more details. When sending us your core

    bumper(s) the following must be in place. We need a copy of your invoice

    or at the very least we need your invoice # from the top left corner

    and the date of your purchase.


    can also Pre-Purchased UPS call tags from us. This allows you to

    purchase a shipping label to return your core to us at a discount over

    what the UPS depots and shipping centers will charge you. *READ MORE HERE* .

    The system will auto calculated the cost to send the core bumper from

    your Zip Code. You will receive an e-Mail with a link which leads you to

    a PDF for download or print. Your call tag is activated when the page

    is opened. Wrap your bumper and hand to a UPS driver, drop off at a UPS

    Center, or UPS Store.


    Keep in mind that when ordering multiple over-sized items from us

    online that the shopping cart does not know how to best combine items to

    save you the most money. If the shipping price looks to high, we

    suggest just selecting 'Manually Calculate Shipping" when checking out.

    Core Information:

    We use a practice called core matching; we compare the core you send,

    and we send you a re-chromed bumper that was done from a comparable


    Severely rusted, flattened, twisted, torn or bumpers with holes drilled

    in them are not good cores. If you have small holes drilled on the

    bottom side, we can use those but know in advance that if your cores

    have holes we will send you like quality, so expect to see "speckles"

    where the holes were filled. If you would like a better bumper in return

    we may be able to charge you an up-charge to receive a higher quality

    bumper. If you have questions about whether your core is acceptable

    email digital pictures to Orders@CougarPartsCatalog.com.

    *** Keep in mind we are currently in need of 69 front cores and 73 front

    cores without the holes for the horizontal black rubber impact strip.

    If you have extras you can get credit towards anything we have in stock.

    WCCC guarantees that our products are show quality and are free from defects. Damage caused by improper mounting / installation and or improper care will automatically void this warranty. Rust is also not covered by our warranty. Our products are covered for 2 years against peeling and fading starting from the date of the receipt. Peeling that is the result of rust is not covered. Please read the "Installation" and "Chrome Care" sections below to avoid voiding this warranty. The customer will be responsible for the return shipping costs as stated on our listing.

    Installation: Professional installation is not required. However, it is very important that you do not over-tighten the bolts. Doing so may cause the bolt to create an indentation on the bumper and cause the chrome to crack and/or peel. There is no universal tightening guide because every bumper's thickness is different due to the number of repairs. It is highly recommended that you use washers, lock washers and/or lock bolts.
    Inspection & Chrome Care: First, please remove your parts from the packaging that it was delivered in and test it on your vehicle. Despite our strongest efforts to protect the package from rough handling, sometimes the shipping courier still manages to damage the bumper. It is important that you test the bumper on your vehicle to ensure that it has not been distorted. Please notify us immediately if your bumper appears to be damaged so we can file a claim with UPS.
    In order to file a claim, you will need to keep ALL the original packaging materials. DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY. The longer you wait to report the damage, the less likely UPS will approve a claim. Another reason to remove your parts from the packing is because the cardboard packaging may absorb moisture that may cause corrosion if left in that state for an extended period of time. To preserve the quality of your chrome, it is best to keep the chrome parts clean and dry. Sand, rain water and salt water are corrosive and will damage the chrome over time if left untreated. When cleaning your chrome parts, it is important that you clean them by hand with mild soap and water. Please do not attempt to buff, polish, or wax your chrome until it is completely dry. Doing so can cause water / moisture to be trapped which will corrode your chrome. Rust is always caused from improper care. When buffing / polishing, always do it by hand to prevent stripping the chrome. We highly recommend using microfiber cloths when cleaning / detailing your chrome. In the unfortunate event that road debris hits and chips the chrome, it is vital to seal the area as soon as possible to prevent rust from forming which will lift the chrome in the surrounding area.
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    5.00 out of 5

    Reviewed On:

    1969 Front Bumper

    4.00 out of 5
    There was some damage to the front bumper when I received it. Don was right on top of it, and took care of everything in a timely manor. Great service, great quality.

    My car is not yet painted, so I cannot rate the fit. It looks nice and straight, so I don't anticipate any issues.

    Reviewed On:

    69 Cougar Front Bumper

    5.00 out of 5
    Haven't got my 69 XR7 painted yet so can't judge the fit but everything else is looking A++ so far. I unwrapped the bumper and wanted to wrap it up again immediately so it was stay super clean and shiny. Perfection is how I would describe it so far. Thanks guys at WCCC for offering this quality and thank the chrome shop guys for surpassing all expectations.

    Reviewed On:
    Bellevue, WA 

    A needed upgrade

    5.00 out of 5
    Over the years, the front bumper had gotten tweaked. Although I needed a new bumper, my core didn't make the grade so I needed to buy a better core. I believe that was a fair assessment, although I wish I would have had a better idea how to evaluate the cores before sending them in. I had watched Don's video beforehand, but some still photos of unacceptable cores would have helped me evaluate them.


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