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Clip Kit - Moulding / Trim - Rocker Panel - Used ~ 1969 Mercury Cougar

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Price: $138.85
    1969 - 1970 Mercury Cougar Original Rocker Moulding Clip Set
    Kit comes with 4 metal clips, Ford part number C9WY-6510198-A and 10 plastic clips, Ford part number C9WY-6510182-A. Pictured is a complete set of 1969 rocker moulding clips. The 1969 Sports Special and the 1970 uses the same kit minus two metal end clips, if you have a 69 Sports Special or 1970 model please select that option so as to save $25.00. The 1970 aluminum rocker moulding is held by a Phillips screw on the back thus the need for front clips only. It is rare for us to get a set like this in so do not be surprised if it comes up "0" inventory when you try to place this item in your shopping cart. This same clip set can be found on 1977 - 1979 Cougars and Thunderbirds (and possibly other FoMoCo products) equipped with optional rocker mouldings. The white plastic clips found on the later models even have the 1969 C9WB-6510182-A Ford engineering number imprinted on them. The metal clips found on the later model cars are a little wider but they function just as well if not better than those shown here. As always, our goal is not always to sell our used parts listed here (as we cannot possibly supply all the needs out there) but rather to educate you so you can find your own used parts at swap meets and salvage yards. I would assume a set of 1977-1979 moulding clips could be found on a Cougar or T-Bird from an Auto Wrecker for under $20. As a bonus the clip sets from the 77-79 cars have 14 plastic clips instead of the 10 found on 1969 - 1970 Cougars.

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