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Windshield Washer - Reservoir Bag - Gold Logo - Repro ~ 1967 Mercury Cougar / 1967 Ford Mustang

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Price: $20.85

    Reproduction Windshield Washer Reservoir for the 1967 Mercury Cougar

    High quality rubberized vinyl bag, with Gold silk screened FoMoCo logo. An exact copy of the original unit. Only the early model 1967 Cougars would have used this, all other 67-68 Cougars would have used the plastic washer bottle.
    Replaces Ford Part # C1AZ-17618.

    According to Phil Parcells who runs the national data base for the Mercury Cougar, the changeover from the washer bag to the plastic bottle was approx Dec 1, 1966, at approximately consecutive unit # 545100. However there are oddball reports of bags after this date, but it is unclear if these are possibly collision repairs, etc.

    Jim; When I was in Florida, you called and asked about the windshield washer bag in 67's. I had time to look into it, and as I think I said on the phone in Florida, the washer bag is a strange situation. It appears at all times throughout the 67 model year. All early cars seem to have it, then it becomes very infrequent after Jan 1, 1967. Perhaps it was considered an "interchangeable effectivity" after 1/1/67 as I have done on engineering changes in my Kodak and Xerox careers. There are no examples of it in 68, so I highly doubt the late 67 situ is due to inner fender replacements.

    Here are the VINs that have been reported as having the bag after 1/1/67:






    7F93C58144465B _ D(33)


    Phil Parcels

    Check out the very first Cougar in our video below!

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    Farmington, NM 

    September 67 Build: I have the washer bag mount on the fender

    5.00 out of 5
    Just an FYI that some late 67 Cougars came with the bag, evidently!


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