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This category contains A/C Fixed Idler & Adjustable Tensioner Pulleys for the 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973 Mercury Cougar.

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Price: $8.85

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Item #: 10827 -

New sealed bearing for installing on your 1968-69 Mercury Cougar or Ford Mustang idler / tensioner pulley. This bearing is physically smaller than the bearing used on the 1968-73 idler pulley (1968-73 bearing sku: 10462). The 1968-73 idler pulley assembly came as a "service replacement" on 1968-69 cars. The center portion of the pulley, where this bearing would press into, has an inside diameter measurement of 1 3/8". On the larger bearing pulley, this measurement is 1 9/16". Both versions of...

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Item #: 11-9903 -

Air conditioning belt tensioning pulley with new bearing. This adjustable bracket and pulley was used on all 1970-73 351 engines that came with A/C, as well as 1970 428CJ & 1971 429CJ. This part often has a casting number of D0AA-8A617-C1 but not always. This adjustable idler pulley is identified by having the large bearing pulley. Same as the C8AZ-8678-A adjustable idler pulley only with a small bearing pulley. We also offer a bearing replacement service to rebuild your adjustable idler...