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Cooling System Upgrade - Small Block - Complete Kit - Repro ~ 1970 Mercury Cougar / 1970 Ford Mustang

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    Featured in this kit are all the basic items you need to convert your small block 1969 Cougar or Mustang from a 20" wide radiator with a fixed four blade fan to a 24" wide radiator with 3 cores and the MAXIMUM cooling big block, high performance 7 blade clutch fan. This setup was used on the highest horsepower drive-trains of the day including the Legendary 427 Side-Oiler equipped GTE and the 428 SCJ Drag-Pak equipped Cougars and Mustangs. This might sound like overkill for your small block but keep in mind most of the motors out there these days have been rebuilt which means that the cylinder walls have usually been bored out resulting in thinner cylinder walls. Thinner cylinder walls mean more work for your cooling system. If you have AC then the larger radiator is a MUST. In addition to this kit you may still want to purchase a new radiator cap and hoses. This kit saves you money over buying each item individually and insures you get the right parts to do the conversion correctly. Watch the video below to learn step by step installation tips and other helpful suggestions.

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