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Power windows... Oh what a joy! Ford had a very weak system in 1969-1973 and if you have power windows in your car you already are aware of this. If you are considering converting your car to power windows please reconsider, maybe the prices in this section alone will dissuade you! We are the last people you want to buy these parts from. That's right, lets just tell it like it is, these parts are too expensive. We highly suggest you use our site as a resource to help identify and then locate your parts from another car line. Power windows are very rare. For instance only 6783 cars came equipped with them in 1969. A much more cost effective approach is to look to the full size Mercury's and Ford's for these parts as more of these cars came with them and the values of the cars (demand for parts) is lower. Feel free to print or circulate these pictures to help in your search. Keep in mind we do not set the price on rare parts. Demand from the market causes us to raise prices until we can actually maintain a small inventory level and even then you find when you click onto many of these listings and try to add them to your shopping cart you will find our current stock on hand is "0". Thank you for your understanding, we hope these pictures and descriptions are of value to you. Don Rush
Work in Progress, please call for availability
Power window glass for the Mercury Cougar.
Power window motors, regulators, and accessories for the Mercury Cougar.
Power window wiring, solenoids, relays, and circuit breakers for the Mercury Cougar.
Power window switches, bezels, clips, and accessories for the Mercury Cougar.

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