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    This solid state unit replaces the need for the thermistor located on the fuel sending unit. The thermistor activated your "low fuel" light when the fuel level receded below its mounting position on the fuel pick up tube. This new unit illuminates your low fuel light by sensing the position of the needle on your fuel gauge. You no longer "have" to use the three prong low fuel type of sending unit as this unit works with both the one and three pronged sending unit. Great for the person who cannot stand to have non functioning options in his classic and far superior to the thermistor system that burns up if you happen to run your car low on fuel on a regular basis. Comes with very detailed instructions on how to install on the backside of your instrument cluster and a three year warranty. 

    Fits all 1967-68 Mercury Cougar XR7 models, and 1967-68 Cougar and Ford Mustang with the low fuel option in the ultra rare convenience option.

    Click here for detailed instructions.

    Weight: 2.00 LBS (weight shown may be the dimensional weight)
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    1.00 out of 5
    • None.
    • It doesn't work.
    I bought this to replace the low fuel relay in my 1967 Shelby. The instructions were followed to the letter. The unit didn't work, nor did any of my instruments. I called and spoke to Don and noted the soldering issue on the SCR. ( I called Don and went direct to individual who manufactures them.)
    The tool in New Jersey that makes them swears up and down that he never makes a mistake and somehow I did it. Yeah, sure I did. I went back and forth with him and he wound up extorting another 45.00 out of me for another solid state voltage regulator.
    After waiting two weeks it shows up.
    With everything in hand I pulled the wiring diagram and followed the instruction sheet to the letter. No proof light. no light with low fuel. I rang out every circuit and they all work flawlessly except the low fuel.
    I wound up removing the Courtesy group harness and sending it to Randy at Midlife Harness in Florida. He went through the whole harness on the bench and everything checked out. All EXCEPT the low fuel function. No proof, no low fuel light function.
    The arrogant Jersey Jerk despite selling to NPD and the other Cougar outlets have yet to have a successful installation with this kit. So I have NO low fuel lamp and 200.00 in bench testing by an EXCELLENT master electrician who does NOTHING but mustang and cougar wiring harness repair and restoration.I actually hard wired cougar sequentials into my Shelby, so I'm no slouch either.
    Don and his crew did what they could to assist me.
    However, when you manufacture a product and sell it to businesses you should be able to assist customers and take care of YOUR manufacturing defects. 650.00 later I have no low fuel light. Everything else works flawlessly.

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