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  • 6 Pack of Red Plasma LED 1157 Bulbs
  • Top View Red Plasma LED 1157 Bulbs
  • Bottom View Red Plasma LED 1157 Bulbs
  • 1157 LED to Incandescent Bulb Size comparison with an original bulb. Make sure it'll fit your application!
  • 1157 Plasma LED Installed View
  • 1157 LED Plasma Running Light Comparison
  • 1157 LED Plasma Brake Light Comparison

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    Out of Stock - Unknown

    As seen on Gearz with Stacey David - After searching far and wide, to and fro, here and there...we finally found the best LED replacement bulb for your Cougar, Mustang and any other cars that use an 1157 taillight bulb. These new "Plasma" LED bulbs are significantly brighter and more efficient than your standard bulbs. This is a complete 6-pack of bulbs to replace all your Cougar, Shelby, or Thunderbird taillights. We also sell them in 2-packs for other vehicles, as well as 20 packs for those with a larger fleet.

    We're also told that these will work as replacements for 2057, 2357, 2397, and 7528 bulbs, but haven't tested ourselves to verify. Let us know if you find out!

    Applications: Stop lamps / Rear turn signals / Parking lights

    1967-68 Cougar owners: you're lucky; these will work in your car with no modifications. As you seen in the video, they work fine right out of the package whether you have the new and improved solid state sequential unit or the original mechanical unit.

    1969-73 Cougar owners: you will need additional equipment in order for these bulbs to function correctly with the sequential turn signals. See the chart below for what you'll need to have a fully functioning LED light system. (Click to enlarge)

    Specifics and Benefits:

    • 8W Dual / Double Contact Point Plasma & CREE LED Auto Tail Brake Light Bulb
    • Better efficiency than stock bulbs, headlights do not dim when applying brakes
    • Direct Plug-In Replacement; No socket alterations required
    • Brightness: 90 lumens (low), 200 lumens (high)
    • Current draw: 80ma (low), 300ma (high)
    • Life expectancy: up to 30,000 Hours
    • Completely fills the taillight reflector, illuminates red, not warm white like incandescent

    Overall Dimensions:

    • 2" (Length - Tip to Socket Bottom) X 0.75" (Diameter)
    • 1 3/8" extends out of the socket

    Additional Information:

    We should let you know that there is another bulb on the market coming from China and marketed on ebay that looks virtually identical to our bulb. We have tested the competitions' bulb and find that it looks and fits just like ours but the brake light function is noticeably dimmer. There has been some discussion on whether or not one might encounter some attention from law enforcement due to the shockingly bright brake light function of these bulbs. Based on our experience, our conclusion thus far has been that this should not be a concern. Here are some excerpts from NHTSA documents: DOT HS 811 127 and DOT HS 811 329.

    "Data suggests that failure to respond (or delay in responding) to a stopped or decelerating lead vehicle is generally a result of distraction, and in particular, improper allocation of visual attention. Thus, VTTI’s approach to the rear-end crash problem has argued that a successful rear signaling system would work to redirect driver visual attention to the forward roadway (for cases involving distracted drivers),"

    "Rated discomfort glare is closely related to rated attention-getting. It appears that it is necessary to accept somewhat greater rated discomfort glare to achieve greater attention getting. Here again, the result is the same as for earlier tests with incandescent lamps, which showed a near-identical ordering for discomfort glare and attention-getting for various enhanced rear lighting systems. "

    Once your eyes un-cross from reading that last part, check out our video below, comparing these new bulbs to the older LED tower bulbs, and the stock 1157 incandescent bulbs:

    Interactive image: Simply move your mouse over the image below to see a before / after comparison.

    Shipping Weight: 0.75 LBS
    (weight shown may be the dimensional weight)

    4.85 out of 5 stars
    Based upon 107 Review(s).
    AUSTRALIA,South Australia


    4.50 out of 5
    Great lights, One plastic has fallen off, just a dab of glue required to stick it on, Tho these lights are a major upgrade anyone should do on there car not only for safety reasons, but because they look tough as when in operation!

    1157 Plasma Bulb

    5.00 out of 5
    • BRIGHT
    • A little pricey
    • but worth it.
    FINALLY! An 1157 bulb that REALLY is brighter. I have a 1950 Mercury with stock taillights and people are constantly telling me my brake lights are not working, only to pull over and see that they are, just not real bright. I have tried Sylvania Bright LED's and Ron Francis's Bright bulbs, and neither one of them is any brighter than run of the mill auto parts bulbs. The Plasma bulbs regular tail light filament is as bright as the other bulbs brake filament and the Plasma brake/turn signal filament is super bright.

    Cape Girardeau, MO

    Lights Shine BRIGHT!!

    5.00 out of 5
    • High quality!
    The plasma taillights are OUTSTANDING!! Such a difference over the traditional factory style bulbs!!
    I am looking forward to upgrading more lighting in the future!

    North Carolina

    5.00 out of 5
    • Bright
    • Well made
    • Fit perfect
    • None
    After going through other led bulbs to these there is no comparison no dead spots very bright and rich in color the transition from parking to brake is very noticeable great customer service also these bulbs fit perfectly in my 84 trans am everyone should have these bulbs

    Plasma LED - 1157 Bulb

    5.00 out of 5
    • Very bright
    • a little pricey
    Worked as described. Very happy

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