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CD-ROM - Part and body Illustrations - Repro ~ 1970 Mercury Cougar / 1970 Ford Mustang

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Price: $16.85
    Reproduction Part and body Illustrations (CD-ROM) for the 1970 Mercury Cougar or Ford Mustang


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    Title: 1970 Mustang Part and Body Illustrations (CD-ROM)
    Models covered: Mustang 
    Pages: 272
    Format: CD-ROM
    Version: v5.00
    Requirements: Windows (all versions), CD-ROM drive, and Adobe Reader
    Activation: Activation required. Product may be activated on three (3) computers More Information on the security of this product
    Operating System: PC Windows only (not MAC)
    Manufacturer: Forel Publishing Company, LLC
    Description: The 1970 Mustang Part & Body Illustrations manual is a comprehensive collection of detailed part and body illustrations that are extremely useful for any restoration project. For example, part illustrations are “exploded” to show not only the parts of a component, but can be used to identify the basic part number of virtually every nut, washer, etc. The exploded body illustrations show the locations of trim pieces, mouldings, weatherstriping, how sheet metal was assembled, etc. How many washers do you need on the Pitman Arm or what direction is the rear axle yoke bearing? Just look up the illustration and see what it look like! [View Product Sample]

    All illustrations are from an original Ford Motor Company publication so you can be assured of its accuracy. With extensive bookmarks and indexes, finding the illustration you need is easy. If you want to make your restoration project easier, this is the manual you should have!
    1970 Mustang Part and Body Illustrations (CD-ROM)
1970 Mustang Part and Body Illustrations (CD-ROM)
    Screenshot examples:

    Screenshot of Cover
    Screenshot 1970 Mustang Part and Body Illustrations
    Screenshot 1970 Mustang Part and Body Illustrations
    Screenshot 1970 Mustang Part and Body Illustrations
    Official Licensed Product of the Ford Motor Company
    Our products are licensed and approved by the Ford Motor Company

    Ford Oval and nameplates are
    registered trademarks owned and
    licensed by the Ford Motor Company.
    Manufactured by the Forel Publishing Company, LLC

    This product is produced in Adobe Reader (pdf) format to retain the exact look and feel of the original manual. Simply scroll through the pages and sections like reading a normal printed manual. In addition, unlike a printed version, each page can be printed (or reprinted, if damaged in the garage), zoom in to over 1200% to see the exact details, and you can search for keywords.We are licensed distributors of Adobe Reader
    Product Features:
    Printable - Print only the pages you need.
    Searchable - Search the entire manual in seconds.
    Indexed - Both alphabetical and numerical (to find illustrations easily)
    Zoom - Zoom in to over 1200% to see the exact details.

    Licensed - Our products are approved and licensed by Ford Motor Company.
    Bookmarked - Manual is bookmarked to locate sections in seconds.
    Money Back Guarantee - We stand behind the quality of our products.
    Product Security and Restrictions:
    Encrypted PDF - PDF file is encrypted and can only be viewed when activated.

    Activation Required - Product may be activated on three (3) computers
    Printing - Printing must be to a printer physically connected to the computer via a printer port (cannot print to a wireless, network or a virtual printer driver).

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